Arcadi Sword

Yaiza Santos

Updated Saturday, March 2, 2024-01:51

Macron thinks like him and celebrates it.

The French president was very brave in suggesting sending men to Ukraine, men to die in short, and this is proven again by the most recent Russian threat to use nuclear weapons.

The West - with the pardon of Félix Ovejero - is lost if it does not prove to be willing to do whatever Putin is willing to do.

After warning that he will not comment on reports or leaks from the Civil Guard, he went on to celebrate Ábalos' formidable speech, which has generated an avalanche of memes.

Maybe, finally, given the intellectual poverty of the current deputies, and in the absence of those parliamentary chroniclers who were, in an unsurpassable way, the first Azorín and Wenceslao Fernández Flórez or, closer in time, Luis Carandell, the memes are enough.

With amazement, he commented on the terrifying fact about the birth rate in Japan and, incidentally, in Spain, but how could it be any other way, if today's young people prefer to walk Chihuahuas instead of taking advantage of their taut flesh!

He called Santos a smartass, thanked Marga Zambrana for clarifying the misunderstanding about crisis/opportunity in Chinese and lamented the incomprehensible number of pending books, among them the manuscript of the biography of Josep Pla written by Xavier Pla, which he is looking forward to and very much beyond the pleasure of reading.

And that's how Espada went.



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