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Updated Saturday, March 2, 2024-22:02

The candidate for the

General Secretariat of the PSOE of Extremadura, Miguel Ángel Gallardo,

has won the primaries for the General Secretariat of the PSOE of Extremadura held this Saturday with

56.2% of the votes,

a total of 4,078 votes.

In this way, Miguel Ángel Gallardo will succeed

Guillermo Fernández Vara

at the head of the PSOE of Extremadura after having prevailed over the candidate

Lara Garlito,

who has obtained 3,105 votes in these primaries, which represent 42.8 percent of the votes.

The Secretary of Organization of the PSOE of Extremadura,

Marisol Mateos,

offered this Saturday night at a press conference in


the result of the party's primaries, to which 9,601 people were called, including militants, affiliates and members of the Socialist Youth, and which had a participation of 77.52%.

In this way,

the mayor of Villanueva de la Serena and president of the Badajoz Provincial Council

has defeated his opponent Lara Garlito, who holds the positions of deputy general secretary of the PSOE of Extremadura and first vice president of the

Assembly of Extremadura.

It should be remembered that the

Organizing Committee

has validated a total of 192 voting centers so that voters could choose between Miguel Ángel Gallardo and Lara Garlito as the new leader of the party in the region.

Originally from Villanueva de la Serena, Gallardo Miranda joined the PSOE and

Socialist Youth

in 1995, becoming general secretary of the latter from 1996 to May 2003, the year in which he assumed the mayorship of that town in Badajoz.

In his academic training, it stands out that he is a specialist technician in Electronic Maintenance from the IES Cuatro Caminos in

Don Benito,

a specialist technician in Early Childhood Education from the

IES Al Qazeres in Cáceres

and a diploma in Social Education from the UNED.

According to Gallardo in the face to face he had with Garlito in the debate this past Monday, February 26, the model he will advocate for will be that of a party that will turn "towards municipalism" and with which it will seek to "recover the pulse of the street" and that "the opportunity is given to the local world, those who experience the emotions of the street because they truly feel what their neighbors think."