The Liberal Democratic Party has put together a draft of this year's campaign policy, and in response to the problems surrounding the faction's political funding party, it will ``dismantle and start over again'' and will urgently move forward with strengthening party functions and amending the Political Funds Regulation Act. It shows the policy.

The original draft of the current campaign policy compiled by the Liberal Democratic Party has the title ``Renovate politics and walk the path of reform'' in light of the problems surrounding factional political funding parties.

He sincerely reflected on the fact that strong suspicions have been directed at the party as a whole as a result of this issue and deeply apologized to the people. We will give top priority to reform efforts."

Regarding factions, it clearly states, ``By completely separating from 'money' and 'personnel,' we will break away from the 'factions' we have had so far and will never revive them,'' and will strengthen party functions and governance, and regulate political funds. It indicates a policy to promptly advance legal reforms such as amending the law.

On the other hand, regarding the constitutional amendment, the government aims to encourage the people's decision through a referendum in order to implement the amendment this year.

The Liberal Democratic Party will continue to make adjustments based on this draft, and will formally decide on its campaign policy at its party convention to be held on the 17th of this month.