After South Carolina, Donald Trump wins two more Republican primaries.

The former President of the United States was declared victorious in Missouri and Michigan, two victories which bring him closer to the nomination of the Republican Party for the next American presidential election.

In Michigan, Donald Trump beat his rival Nikki Haley in the 13 precincts that participated in the vote, according to the local branch of the Republican Party.

He also won the Republican primary in Missouri, according to an Associated Press projection.

More than 1,600 Republican supporters participated in the primary in the city of Grand Rapids, in western Michigan, to choose the delegates who will have the task of inaugurating Donald Trump or Nikki Haley, former ambassador to the United Nations, during the party's national nomination convention in July.

Republicans also held a primary in Idaho on Saturday, one of the last states that could give Nikki Haley a lead before "Super Tuesday" on March 5 - the most important day of primaries during which 15 states and one territory must take a position on.

Donald Trump widely favored for the Republican Party nomination

With his victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, the US Virgin Islands, South Carolina and now Missouri and Michigan, Donald Trump appears by far to be the favorite in the race.

Nikki Haley is hanging on thanks to the support of donors eager to find an alternative to the former American president.

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For this election cycle, Michigan Republicans have developed a hybrid nominating system, consisting of a primary and a caucus.

Donald Trump won the primary on Tuesday, obtaining 12 of the 16 delegates, and all of the 39 delegates who were still at stake on Saturday.

For several months, internal unrest has agitated Michigan Republicans, between supporters of the former president of the party, Kristina Karamo, and those who voted to oust her on January 6 and install Pete Hoekstra in her place.

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