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  • Relationships Carlota Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam: a wedding suffered between rumors and 'paparazzi'

Charlotte of Monaco (37) has

a new boyfriend


This is the writer

Nicolas Mathieu

(45), winner of the Goncourt Prize in 2018. Dimitri Rassam (42), former partner of Carolina's daughter and father of her second child, has a César and a Bafta.

Gad Elmaleh

, father of the first, has never been awarded by the French film academy, but he has been nominated.

The princess likes guys with talent and art.

She likes cultural things.

Others prefer rockers, surfers or bullfighters.

Carlota is turned on by intellectuality.

Don't look for sarcasm in these words.

It's envy.

Who wants a second-rate


or an Ibizan centurion when they could have a talented poet or a Goncourt prize?

And be careful, Carlota María Pomelina Casiraghi could become those last two things.

Her interest in literature and philosophy is not just an extravagance

: as soon as you listen to her you discover that, as those tight t-shirts from the 90s said, "all this and also a brain."

The same thing starts to write and we all freak out.

The writer Nicolas Mathieu with the winning book of the Goncourt.GTRES

Carlota's t-shirts are from Chanel.

The French brand has in it one of its highest spokespersons.


Les Rendez-vous littéraires de la rue Cambon

(The Literary Meetings of Cambon Street)

Carlota acts as host to intellectual and talented women.

And she's not a posh girl wanting to meet famous people.

These conversations, available on YouTube, are interesting, entertaining and yes, very intellectual.

Charlotte of Monaco is not ashamed of being able to do them, wanting to do them and knowing how to do them.

Next to her, other Chanel ambassadors, such as

Margot Robbie or Penélope Cruz

, seem like mere suit-wearing mannequins without speech or background.

And we are talking about the producer of


and the Spanish actress with the most stellar career.

She doesn't care.

Charlotte wins.

It feels like,

if I wanted to, I could also be a producer and/or actress


It feels like she would know.

But she clearly doesn't want to.

Maybe after listening to one of her exes or her own mother (who was a partner of actor Vincent Lindon), or after seeing how well


aunt Estefanía De ella was at



The life of the second daughter of Rainier of Monaco deserves her own series.

It would be a cruel comedy.

That is to say: a drama for her and a circus for us.

To know more


Carlota Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam, divorce after seven years of relationship?


Carlota Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam, divorce after seven years of relationship?

Carlota has fled from all that, even with her most party-loving boyfriend, the slightly

lively virgin

Alex Dellal


In fact, when right after Dellal she started a relationship with, surprise, an actor, she once again stood out for his discretion.

The Monegasque's courtship with Gad Elmaleh (52) was as surprising as it was not at all squeaky.

With him, 15 years older than her,

Carlota had Raphäel, her first child


But the popular French-Moroccan actor, who has worked with Adam Sandler and Woody Allen, was soon replaced by director Lamberto Sanfelice (49).

Later, another film professional, Dimitri Rassam, would become the father of Baltazar, Carlota's second son.

Rassam, son of producer Jean-Pierre Rassam and a certain Carole Bouquet

(she's an actress, it may sound familiar), is pure French cultural aristocracy.

He therefore had all the numbers to attract Carlota's attention.

On the other hand, the fact that a certain Carole and a certain Carolina were related was so cool that perhaps Carlota thought of us, the plebs, when she got together with Dimitri.

Carlota and Dimitri Rassam.GTRES

The lineage of Nicolas Mathieu

, the man who supposedly has her interest now, does not seem so exciting.

He is the father of a child, but his mother is not, like that of Gad Elmaleh's son, a famous actress (Anne Brochet).

And his ex is not, like Dimitri Rassam's, a supermodel (Masha Novoselova).

Curiously (or not), Alex Dellal's current partner, Elisa Sednaoui, shares a profession with Novoselova.


nothing is more inbred than the world of the rich and famous


A world in which Carlota Casiraghi, whether we like it or not, is the queen.

The princess with Gad Elmaleh.GTRES

She could be a silly queen but everything indicates that she is not.


Maybe whimsical?

Who knows.

But she certainly isn't one of those aristocrats who go around boasting of their ignorance.

We are tired of marchionesses and duchesses who clearly threw away the education they received in the best schools in the world.

Carlota has every appearance of having taken advantage of it and of preferring to stay at home reading, drinking good books and sharing a bed with real intellectuals than drinking mojitos in a plastic cup with guys who, as soon as you don't pick up the phone, will go to Telecinco to tell the story.

Everything that surrounds Carlota Casiraghi is desirable, aspirational, interesting, elitist and sexy.

Starting with her.

Excuse the ordinariness, but you are thinking about it too.

Carlota and the Italian director Lamberto Sanfelice.GTRES

When Grandpa Rainier decided to raise stars, he began by choosing one from Hollywood as his wife and mother of his children.

From Grace Kelly came a smart star, a dumb star and the indefinable Albertito.

In the next generation, the

Grimaldi genetic lines

began to mess around a bit, but among Rainier's grandchildren there is one specimen in which everything seems to have gone according to plan.

Carlota has all the numbers to keep alive the delicate essence of the country she represents: she is glamorous, much smarter than she seems and a little dark.

And as a gift, she reads.