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Updated Saturday, March 2, 2024-01:52

  • Summary The plot feared that Aldama would cause "a problem" during the interrogation: "They will ask him about Ábalos, about the President of the Government, about Delcy, about the suitcases..."

  • Courts The judge of the 'Koldo case' demands the emails of nine senior Transport and Interior officials about the investigated contracts

The Koldo case


have marked a turning point in the legislature.

The Executive of Pedro Sánchez, completely conditioned by the support of the independence movement in exchange for the amnesty, has added in recent days the trouble derived from a political and judicial crisis that has taken away the former Minister of Development José Luis Ábalos and that Every day it spreads more and more to other figures on the front line of the Administration.

Among them, several ministers, such as Ángel Víctor Torres or Fernando Grande-Marlaska, or the president of Congress, Francina Armengol, for her time as Balearic president.

In fact, the vast majority of public opinion, based on the information known recently, assumes that the fall of Ábalos does not stop the scandal and that from now on it will affect other government or territorial departments.

This is what emerges from The Panel prepared by

Sigma Dos



: at a time when the spotlight is on the ministries of the Interior and Transport, as well as the Balearic and Canary Islands administrations, eight out of ten Spaniards "believe that this "The case of the bites in the purchase of masks will involve more politicians."

What's more, only 10.1% of those consulted consider that after José Luis Ábalos is expelled from the PSOE there will be no more people from the political sphere involved in this plot.

The feeling that what is known about the

Koldo case

is only the tip of the iceberg spreads even among the voters of the party affected in this issue: 61.6% of socialist voters believe that there will be more politicians involved in the scandal, in the same way that 68.4% of those who voted on 23-J for Sumar, Sánchez's partner in the Government, and that although he supports the investigation commission promoted by the PSOE, for now he has only singled out Ábalos for this matter .

Precisely, the former secretary of the Socialist Organization has been the protagonist of the week and the reason that 83.8% of those surveyed are aware of what the Koldo case is and the implications it has for national politics.

The former minister took his relationship with Ferraz's leadership to the limit and with the aim of defending his "honorability" he challenged his former party by retaining his deputy record.

He will continue in the

Mixed Group

despite the fact that his former parliamentary group considers that he should resign due to his proximity to Koldo García, one of the masterminds of the alleged scandal for charging illegal commissions on the purchase of masks during the pandemic. .

This is the opinion of eight out of ten (79.3%) people who know the case.

The explanations given by Ábalos in the Congress press room do not convince public opinion, which considers that the former Minister of Development, due to his link with Koldo García, should not be part of Congress, not even as a deputy not attached to no political acronym.

Although Ábalos distanced himself from the plot in that appearance and distanced himself from his former right-hand man, the information published throughout the week by


places the former minister in direct contact with García until a month ago, when The

Central Operational Unit

(UCO) of the Civil Guard recorded a meeting between the two in a central Madrid restaurant.

In this sense, the summary concludes that Ábalos could have acted as an "intermediary" for the plot.

Coincidentally, among those who demand that the former minister leave his seat, the lowest percentages are among the voters of the PSOE (61.6%) and Sumar (68.4%), the parties that urged him to return the seat. minutes.