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Hebron -

In light of Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh submitting his government’s resignation last Monday, attention is turning to who will succeed him and the form and tasks of the next government.

Al Jazeera Net went to a number of Palestinian citizens from different segments, and asked them about the government they want and what is required of it.

The concerns of daily life prevailed over street opinion, and while some saw no difference between the outgoing and incoming governments, others showed a tendency to support a government of qualified “technocrats,” whom they believe is the best solution in light of the political complexities.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the resignation of the government, whose existence since 2019 was accompanied by many crises, the most recent of which was the war on the Gaza Strip in conjunction with an Israeli escalation in the West Bank and international pressure to “renew” the Palestinian Authority.

Source: Al Jazeera