“Brigadier General Frank Graefe, Chief of Operations and Exercises, Air Force Command in Berlin.

He built his career for a long time and successfully.

He graduated from the Bundeswehr Academy Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr (FüAkBw - an analogue of the Russian VUNTS Air Force).

Flight hours in Phantom and Eurofighter.

He commanded the 74th Tactical Aviation Squadron, which carried out missions in Afghanistan,” the analysis states.

It is noted that Graefe worked closely with the Americans, and in 2019 he was appointed to the post of German military attaché in the United States.

Knows how to use civilian airfields for military purposes.

“Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, Inspector of the Bundeswehr Air Force.

The most controversial character in this story.

Supporter of NATO's readiness to use nuclear weapons.

The man who said that German planes belonged in a museum.

In addition to Tornado and Eurofighter, he flew MiG-29 fighters.

Total flight time is more than 2.5 thousand hours.

He advocated the transition of the German Air Force to American F-35 fighters,” the material says.

Military chronicles indicate that a certain Freuding is mentioned in the interception of negotiations.

It is quite possible that this is Major General Christian Freuding, who commanded the 9th Tank Brigade "Niedersachsen", after which he was appointed to the post of chief of the special staff for Ukraine (the Ukrainian situation center) under the Bundeswehr.

Also subordinate to him is the planning and control headquarters of the Federal Ministry of Defense.

“Freyding has a NATO medal for Yugoslavia.

He is considered an ambassador of “comprehensive support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, a supporter of extracting the maximum amount of experience and knowledge from the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front.

He has repeatedly said that the delivery of ammunition is a “critically important” event for the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” the analysis clarifies.

Earlier it became known that representatives of the Bundeswehr discussed the option of attacking the Crimean Bridge with Taurus missiles from a Dassault Rafale fighter.

The text of the conversation was published by the chief editor of RT and MIA Rossiya Segodnya, Margarita Simonyan, on her VKontakte page.

She later published an audio recording.

Also, the participants in the conversation admitted that the supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine will not change the course of military operations.