Jean Zeid 06:53, March 1, 2024

Every morning, Jean Zeid delivers the best in terms of innovation.

This Friday, he returns to the initiative of an American company, Verkada, which quite simply offers to pay its employees to have an aperitif after their working day.

This Friday morning, the quality of life at work perhaps depends on the aperitif.

In any case, this is the seemingly absurd idea of ​​an American company, Verkada, which quite simply offers to pay its employees to have an aperitif after their work day.

Better yet: she encourages her employees to meet in the middle of the afternoon to go drinking together, at the company's expense.

What is the objective of this company?

Verkada is an IT security box, nothing to do with well-being, a priori.

However, here, it looks like it since we meet at three o'clock to go have a drink in a restaurant close to the premises in San Mateo, in Silicon Valley, California.

It's nice.

So be careful, the term aperitif has an alcoholic connotation in France, in the United States this is not the case.

We are talking about a drink and food break.

Above all, this is a way for the company to unite its teams.

For Filip Kaliszan, the CEO of Verkada, it is a positive program for the company and its turnover in the end.

This company which even gave a name to this program unlike any other.

The “3-3-3”.

So why “3-3-3”?

This is in reference to the 30 dollars, roughly 27 euros, given to each of the 3 employees who must meet from 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

After 3/8, here are 3/3.

It's less hard, no comparison possible.

To participate, employees do not need to notify their superiors in advance.

The company's only request: that employees publish a photo of themselves on the company's messaging application, nothing more.

And how many employees are there in this company?

1800 anyway.

And their boss assures them, they have all already participated in the program at least once.

Four to five photos are posted every day on the professional messaging channel named for the occasion “3-3-3”.

The company recommends that employees participate in this program once or twice a week.

If quality of life at work and the search for team cohesion are obvious objectives, the IT security company is also renowned for being a fierce opponent of teleworking, even avoiding hiring remote workers.

3/3 is also a way of keeping your employees in the office, or not very far away.