New York Community Bancorp, an American bank holding company whose management is facing concerns, has revealed that its final profit and loss for the three months ending in December last year will be more than 10 times its initial deficit.

Although the company has announced the appointment of a new CEO, the company's stock price has plummeted, and concerns about its management are increasing.

New York Community Bancorp is a bank holding company that owns Flagstar Bank, which acquired some of the deposits and assets of American banks that went bankrupt due to financial instability in March last year.

On the 29th, the company reviewed its financial results for the three months ending in December of last year, which were announced in January, and announced that it had recorded a new loss of more than $2.4 billion.

The final profit and loss was initially a deficit of over 200 million dollars due to expenses to prepare for bad debts on loans for commercial real estate, but with losses recorded more than 10 times more than 2.7 billion dollars, or approximately 400 billion Japanese yen. The yen is said to be in the red.

Regarding the loss, the company stated in documents submitted to the financial authorities that it occurred when reevaluating past transactions, and explained that it had no impact on the company's equity ratio.

The company also announced that it had identified a ``significant weakness'' in its internal controls regarding loan screening, and announced that the top management CEO would step down and the chairman would take over as CEO.

During night trading on the New York Stock Exchange on the 29th, the company's stock price plummeted following a series of announcements, raising concerns about the company's management.