China News Service, Johannesburg, March 1 (Reporter Wang Xi) The Johannesburg police in South Africa confirmed on the 1st that on February 29, local time, an incident occurred outside a student dormitory building at the University of Johannesburg in the Braamfontein area of ​​Johannesburg, South Africa. A total of three people were killed in the shooting incident and two others were seriously injured.

  According to police spokesman Di Macasso, the incident occurred during the peak period when students from the University of Johannesburg were returning to their dormitories by car. Two masked gunmen arrived at the scene of the incident in an SUV and quickly got out of the car and walked toward the roadside. Shots were fired inside a parked car, killing two innocent people in the car on the spot.

Three students on a university bus parked next to the attacked vehicle were hit by stray bullets. One of the students died after rescue efforts failed, and the other two were seriously injured.

  In fact, despite the high number of shootings in South Africa, violent crime is rare on university campuses.

According to eyewitnesses, the suspect was able to launch the attack near the university campus in full view of the public, which also plunged people in the Braamfontein area into panic.

  Subsequently, the University of Johannesburg confirmed that the bus victim was indeed an 18-year-old sophomore student at the school, and issued a statement expressing condolences for all the victims of the attack and condemning the violent behavior of the attackers.

  After the incident, the South African police sealed off the crime scene and launched an investigation into the cause of the incident.

As of press time, the two suspects have not yet been brought to justice.