The world premiere of "Excerpts of Xi Jinping's Essays on Respecting and Protecting Human Rights" (French and Chinese) and the "Chinese Wisdom on Global Human Rights Governance" exchange seminar were successfully held in Paris, France on the 29th.

  Chen Dong, charge d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in France, Jean-Christophe Bass, director of the European Research Center for a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind, and other guests attended the event and delivered speeches.

More than 60 representatives from the political, economic and cultural fields of China and France attended the meeting.

  Chen Dong said in his speech that the book "Excerpts of Xi Jinping's Essays on Respecting and Protecting Human Rights" collects President Xi Jinping's important expositions on human rights, embodies China's people-centered human rights concept, and reflects the fine tradition of "people-oriented" in Chinese civilization. , explains the people-centered governance ideology of the Communist Party of China in the new era, systematically summarizes China’s policy propositions on global human rights governance, and provides an authoritative reading for readers at home and abroad who want to understand China’s views on human rights.

  Jean-Christophe Bass said that today’s world is complex and complex, and Western values ​​are undergoing a reversal. The world is experiencing a trend of decentralization from the West, and values ​​are moving from European and American unity to diversification. President Xi Jinping’s exposition reflects the advocacy of this A spirit of diversity.

Hervé Azoulay, a professor at the Silk Road Business School in France and a former executive of the Schneider Group, believes that the book "Excerpts of Essays" is rich in content and profound in thought. China's human rights cause has always put the people first and is committed to gradually realizing the realization of all people's rights. Common prosperity.

  Karim, a professor at the French National Institute of Technology, believes that China's poverty alleviation has made a significant contribution to the world's human rights cause. "This is a huge achievement, and no one can deny it."

Joseph Makutu, president of the French-Chinese University Preparatory College, said that Chinese people value "actions speak louder than words" and China's human rights development benefits the practical well-being that people care about most, including education, employment, medical and health care, etc.

  Jean Pegure, president of the Association for the Promotion of Eurasian Cooperation in Zafir, France, believes that China's human rights development path is adapted to China's national conditions, and China's achievements in the development of human rights prove that "human rights do not have a single connotation and development model."

Robert Prosperini, a former official of the French Ministry of National Education, said that there is more than one path to human rights, and adhering to this is crucial to the future of human society. China's view of human rights is rooted in its history and philosophy.

  "Excerpts of Xi Jinping's Excerpts on Respecting and Protecting Human Rights" (French-Chinese version) was published by the Central Compilation and Translation Press. It is divided into 9 topics and systematically collects a series of important expositions issued by General Secretary Xi Jinping on respecting and protecting human rights.