The Rapid Support Forces are accused of committing terrible violations against civilians in the areas they control (French)

New reports and field data in Sudan indicate that the Rapid Support Forces killed dozens of civilians in attacks on 53 villages in Al-Jazira State, and intensified their movements towards the city of Al-Manaqil in the south of the state.

The resistance committees in the cities of Wad Madani and Al-Hasahisa said that with the continued interruption of communications networks and the Internet for a period exceeding 3 weeks, “the Rapid Support militia practiced the most heinous types of violations, including terrorism, robbery, and looting, against the citizens of Al-Jazeera State.”

It was reported that 53 villages were subjected to violations by Rapid Support within 3 weeks.

There was no immediate comment from the Rapid Support Forces in this regard.

On Tuesday, a report by the Central Observatory for Human Rights in Sudan (independent) said that the Rapid Support Forces attacked 39 villages during the period of communications and internet outage in the state 3 weeks ago, resulting in the killing of 46 civilians and the injury of 90 others.

Last December, the Rapid Support Forces took control of several cities in Al-Jazeera State, including Wad Madani, the center of the state.

To the transfers

The Rapid Support Forces expanded south to the outskirts of Sennar State, but they have not yet been able to enter Al-Manaqil, one of the most important commercial and industrial cities in Al-Jazira State.

The resistance committees in Wad Madani said that they had observed intense movements and large crowds by the Rapid Support Forces heading towards the city of Al-Manaqil, west of Al-Jazira State.

The statement confirmed that during these movements, the Rapid Support Forces stormed many villages near the (Al-Manaqil-Sinnar) dirt road, and also established intensive concentrations on the Hasahisa-Manaqil road.

The Wad Madani Resistance Committees considered what was happening a clear indication of the Rapid Support’s intention and planning to attack the city of Al-Manaqil, and commit more massacres, violations and war crimes against civilians, from which none of the citizens of the villages they have passed through have been spared so far, according to their statement.

Huge numbers

Since mid-April 2023, the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces have been fighting a war that has left more than 13,000 dead and about 8 million displaced and refugees, according to the United Nations.

Earlier, the International Organization for Migration announced that about 8.1 million people have been displaced from their homes internally and externally since the outbreak of fighting in Sudan in mid-April.

The international organization said in a statement that 6 million, 326,416 people were internally displaced, and about 1,884,909 people crossed the border into neighboring countries.

The statement stated that about 46% of the internally displaced persons took refuge in the Darfur (west) and Kordofan (south) regions, and 53% were displaced to the northern, eastern and central states.

Source: Al Jazeera + Anatolia