From March 1, the "Express Delivery Market Management Measures" will come into effect.

It is clarified that companies operating express delivery services are not allowed to use smart express boxes and express delivery service stations to deliver express parcels without the consent of users.

It is also not allowed to confirm receipt of express shipments without the user’s consent.

  On the first day of the implementation of the new regulations, reporters from The Paper ( interviewed citizens, couriers, courier site directors and courier companies.

Many citizens expressed support. Some of them said that they were not opposed to leaving express delivery at the post station when there was no one at home, but they just wanted to be informed in advance and have the right to choose.

Some citizens also believe that we need to discuss things and understand each other when encountering special circumstances.

  Each express delivery company has also made it clear that parcels should be delivered according to user needs.

However, the courier said that he also had his own difficulties. For example, because the customer's phone could not be reached, he had no choice but to leave the express at the post station.

Some site leaders said frankly that after the implementation of the new regulations, the requirements for couriers will be higher. In actual operations, it may affect the speed of delivery, increase operating costs, and freight rates may rise.

Citizens: We don’t object to express delivery at post stations, but couriers can’t make decisions on their own

  Article 54 of the "Express Delivery Market Management Measures" that will be implemented on March 1, 2024 clarifies that if an enterprise operating express delivery business has any of the following circumstances, the postal management department will order it to make corrections, give a warning or notify the company of criticism, and may also A fine of not more than 10,000 yuan will be imposed; if the circumstances are serious, a fine of not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 30,000 yuan will be imposed: (1) Confirming receipt of express mail without the user’s consent; (2) Using smart express boxes without the user’s consent Delivering express items through express delivery service stations, etc.; (3) Throwing or trampling on express items.

  Ms. Zhang, a Shanghai citizen, told reporters that she once bought a box of egg tarts online, and the courier left it at the express delivery station in the community without saying hello. It had not been delivered to her door for more than half a month. When she got the egg tarts, she did not dare to eat them for fear of Deteriorated.

Ms. Zhang expressed her support for the implementation of the new regulations, "I think express delivery should be delivered to your door, but when there is no one at home, I have no objection to leaving the express delivery at the post station. The point is that it is not okay to leave the express delivery at the post station without authorization and without consent. As a consumer, you should The right to choose and be informed in advance.”

  On February 29, Ms. Yang, a Shanghai citizen, received two couriers, and the signee was at her doorstep. "Fortunately, I received them all, but I was afraid of losing them." Ms. Yang said that it is good that the couriers can be delivered to your door, but it is important to inform them in advance. It is best to notify the recipient in advance. If it is a valuable item, you still want to sign for it in person.

  The community where Ms. Li, a Shanghai citizen, lives is very large. Generally, after the courier leaves the parcel at the post station, the post station will still deliver it to your door.

"After the new regulations come out, it would be better if they can be delivered directly to your door, but it is estimated that it will be difficult to implement." Ms. Li believes that the implementation of the new regulations will not be achieved overnight, and whether or not it will be delivered to your door needs to be discussed. Under special circumstances, couriers and citizens should also understand each other.

  In the afternoon of March 1, Ms. Wu, a citizen of Qingpu, Shanghai, received an express delivery, but as usual, the express delivery was put directly into the Fengchao cabinet.

"I didn't receive any calls or text messages from the courier in advance. I only received the WeChat notification from Fengchao Cabinet."

Express site person in charge: It may affect the speed of delivery and freight may rise.

  For the express delivery industry, the implementation of new regulations means both opportunities and challenges.

On the one hand, services can be standardized, but on the other hand, the requirements for front-line couriers are higher.

  A courier boy in Shanghai said that sometimes hundreds of calls are made a day, and many customers do not answer the phone calls. People are not at home during working hours, so they have to leave the express packages at the post station. I want to pay for it." He said that while implementing the new regulations, he hopes that outlets will allocate workload reasonably, otherwise the pressure on couriers will be very great.

On the one hand, customers are not answering the phone, and on the other hand, they are warned of fines. If we continue to complete the previous workload, "we can't bear it."

  Xiao Wang, a courier in Shanghai, said that most of the areas he is responsible for are old communities, and many of them have to climb stairs. If every order is required to be delivered to the door, he hopes that he can also be given corresponding and reasonable remuneration.

  The person in charge of a site who has been engaged in express delivery services in Shanghai for many years told reporters that after the implementation of the new regulations, the requirements for couriers have become higher. In actual operation, it may affect the delivery speed and increase operating costs.

  The person in charge of the express delivery site said that the site now requires couriers to contact customers by phone before delivering goods.

Some consumers feel that their rights and interests have been improved and will ask couriers to deliver all express items to their doorsteps. "There are many residential areas on the 6th and 7th floors in our delivery area. We have to climb the stairs. Large items can be left at the post station." , now all require door-to-door delivery, which will inevitably affect the total delivery volume in a day." The person in charge of the above-mentioned express delivery site bluntly said that for couriers, the delivery volume has become smaller, which directly affects their income.

And if the express delivery company increases the delivery price of each ticket, it will increase the company's costs, and the freight for customers may increase.

  In addition, some people in the industry suggest that consumers' choices should be completed on the front end. When placing an order, the express delivery will have an estimated delivery time, and consumers can choose whether to have it delivered to their door or leave it at the post station.

Each courier company has made it clear that parcels should be delivered according to user needs

  In response to the "Express Delivery Market Management Measures" that were officially implemented on March 1, YTO Express stated that it has organized multiple internal studies and trainings to ensure that the entire network deeply understands and implements the spirit and requirements of the measures.

YTO will strictly implement relevant regulations, continue to improve service quality, and better serve users.

  ZTO Express stated that it will actively implement the requirements of the "Express Delivery Market Management Measures", improve the quality and safety level of express delivery services, protect the legitimate rights and interests of front-line employees, and help the healthy and high-quality development of the industry.

In response to the requirements for express delivery in the "Express Delivery Market Management Measures", ZTO will provide delivery services according to user needs, and door-to-door delivery will be provided if needed.

  STO Express stated that the newly revised "Express Delivery Market Management Measures" not only have higher requirements for express delivery services, but also have clearer penalty standards from a legal perspective, which will help further promote the improvement of industry service quality and industry standards. .

Regarding terminal delivery service specifications, STO has made it clear that delivery will be carried out in accordance with user needs.

Management Department: If it is delivered to the post without permission, the user can request for door-to-door delivery again.

  The Paper reporter learned from the Shanghai Postal Administration that in order to implement the "Measures", as a management department, the Shanghai Postal Administration will strictly implement industry supervision responsibilities, adhere to administration in accordance with the law, strengthen supervision and inspection, strictly enforce the law, and promptly deal with illegal activities Violation issues.

At the same time, enterprises are urged to strictly implement their main responsibilities, strengthen technological empowerment, and continuously improve service quality.

  The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Postal Administration told The Paper that with the development of the express delivery industry, new situations and new problems are constantly emerging. The scale of the express delivery market is gradually growing, and the market operation order needs to be strengthened. To promote the green development of the express delivery industry, it is necessary to improve relevant regulations. Institutional system; To strengthen the security management of the express delivery industry, especially to protect the security of users’ personal information, relevant institutional constraints need to be strengthened.

The above practical problems have put forward urgent requirements for further improving the system design of the "Express Delivery Market Management Measures".

  This revision of the "Measures" mainly summarizes the mature experience and practical needs in the development of the express delivery industry and upgrades it to institutional arrangements; at the same time, it establishes a more comprehensive institutional orientation to guide the green and low-carbon development of the express delivery industry; from the perspective of service quality and safety guarantee In other aspects, we have also further strengthened institutional norms, improved the quality of express delivery services, effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promoted the high-quality development of the express delivery industry.

  Regarding the issue that the public is more concerned about, the express delivery company will deliver the express delivery to the express box or post station without the user's consent. Users can ask the courier to deliver the goods to their door again.

If the courier still fails to deliver the goods, users can safeguard their rights and interests by complaining to the company, calling 12305 or 12345, or reporting to the postal management department.

(The Paper reporter Chen Yixin)