Yanis Darras 07:00, March 1, 2024

After a slightly longer month of February than usual, the transition to March will not happen without the traditional increases.

Tobacco, energy, retirement pension... There will be many changes in March.

Europe 1 takes stock of the main changes.

This month of March 2024 will once again be synonymous with an increase for the French.

Tobacco, promotions, RSA… Europe 1 takes stock of everything that changes as we move into March.

New increase in the price of tobacco

For once, the price of a pack of cigarettes will increase on Friday.

Depending on the brands, the increase will be between 50 and 75 cents, specifies a decree published on February 9 in the Official Journal.

Not all brands will be affected by this increase.

Only packs of Lucky Strike, Rothmans, Vogue, Pall Mall and Winfield will see their price start to rise again, and move a little further away from the symbolic bar of 10 euros per unit.

Non-food promotions now limited

The big change for the French will concern promotions.

The big clearance sale on the shelves is over.

From now on, with the Descrozaille law, passed a year ago, numerous non-food promotions of more than 34% will now be prohibited.

This will be especially true for hygiene, maintenance and beauty products such as diapers, laundry detergent or shampoos.

RSA under conditions continues to expand

Already tested in 18 departments since 2023, the conditional solidarity income (RSA), which consists of making this minimum income conditional on 15 hours of activity per week, will be extended to 29 other departments.

From now on, 47 departments will be included in the experiment.

The generalization of RSA under conditions will take place next year, assured the Minister of Labor, Catherine Vautrin.

End of the energy check

The month of March will be the last month to use its energy check, sent in mid-April 2023. At the time, nearly 5.6 million households were affected by the system.

A new energy check will be distributed this year to affected households, while energy prices remain high.

Change in retirement

The 13 million retirees who receive a supplementary pension from Agric-Arrco will see a change in March.

With the change on January 1 in the rate of the CSG, the generalized social contribution, beneficiaries will see a regularization of their pension in March.

Depending on each person's situation, the pension will go up or down.

Change to summer time

Finally, the French should not forget to advance their clocks by one hour during the night of Saturday March 30 to Sunday March 31.

Despite the debates in recent years, the change from winter time to summer time will still be relevant.

No doubt there will be numerous debates to know once again in which direction the needle should move.