Yanis Darras 8:59 a.m., March 1, 2024

Stanislas Guerini, Minister of Transformation and Public Service, was the guest of La Grande interview Europe 1-CNews.

At the microphone of Romain Desarbres, he returned to the media outing of Emmanuel Macron who does not rule out sending troops to Ukraine.

“Putin’s reaction demonstrates that Macron is right,” he judges.

The remarks caused shock waves throughout Moscow.

This week, Emmanuel Macron did not rule out sending troops to Ukraine, while the conflict between kyiv and Moscow has been slipping in recent months.

A controversial statement, which neither the United States nor many European countries wanted to support publicly.

And the President of the Republic's comments did not go unnoticed in Russia.

During his speech to the Nation, Vladimir Putin warned the West of a "real" risk of nuclear conflict, in the event of escalation on the Ukrainian front. 

Invited this Friday morning to Romain Desarbres' microphone, Stanislas Guerini judges that Vladimir Putin's words reflect the interest of Emmanuel Macron's words.

“Putin’s reaction is proof that Macron is right,” he judges on the set of La Grande interview. 

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