“It’s a pity that our “friends” abroad have short memories.

Therefore, I want to say that high-ranking officers should not forget history and, above all, take care of their peaceful cities and their peaceful citizens.

Because such an escalation of tension and the creation of confrontation with Russia could lead to the same consequences as in 1945,” he noted.

According to him, today it would be more reasonable for politicians in Europe, and in Germany in particular, to talk about peace and mutual understanding.

“Well, the following: “Dear gentlemen officers, listen to the message of the President of the Russian Federation, in which everything is extremely clear, everything is said and indicated transparently, do not look for unnecessary adventures on your own,” concluded RT’s interlocutor.

Earlier, Senator Sergei Tsekov, in a conversation with RT, called the discussion in Germany of the attack on the Crimean Bridge cynical.