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Beyond the cases of public figures like Bruno Guillon, Jean-François Piège or PSG players, around 500 incidents of home-jacking were recorded in France last year.

Burglaries in the presence of the inhabitants of the accommodation which can often be violent.

How to react when armed men burst into your home?

Here are a few tips.

Vitaa, Bruno Guillon, Jean-François Piège, Anne-Sophie Lapix, Alexandre Letellier... There have been numerous public figures who have been victims of home-jacking since the start of the year.

Anonymous people are also not immune to this type of burglary during which the victim is present in the home.

How to protect yourself from it?

Europe 1 gives you some good tips.


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Note the physical description of the perpetrators

First of all, it is advisable to secure your home: installation of video surveillance and an alarm.

It is also recommended to use simpler techniques such as writing only your last name on your mailbox, and not your first and last name, so as not to indicate to a thief that you live alone, for example. .

If, unfortunately, you are the victim of a home-jacking, it is important to know how to react so as not to put yourself in danger.

“It is above all a matter of paying attention to what the criminals say, so as to try to comply and not suffer additional violence. It is obviously appropriate to look at the attitudes of the criminals, their physical description in order to enable identification. simpler,” advises Sonia Fibleuil, spokesperson for the National Police.

After a homejacking, do not touch any object

Immediately after a homejacking, it is urgent to contact 17 specifying the number of individuals, their means of transport, and the license plate.

While waiting for an intervention, the police ask you not to touch any object to avoid erasing evidence.

But rest assured, this type of burglary is still quite rare, less than 500 incidents on average per year have been recorded in France.