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Malte Gallée (Greens)

Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth / picture alliance

The German MEP Malte Gallée (Greens) apparently wants to resign from his mandate after repeated #MeToo allegations.

SPIEGEL learned this from circles of the green European politician, and “Stern” first reported it.

The Brussels Green Party confirmed the resignation, but a spokeswoman did not comment on the reasons.

Gallée himself announced his resignation on his website, which was temporarily no longer accessible.

»I am convinced that I have done nothing wrong;

At the same time, I was and am of course always ready to actively contribute to clarification," writes Gallée.

He wants to concentrate fully on clarifying things in the next few weeks and months.

A number of party employees in Brussels are said to have accused Gallée of sexually harassing them since the summer of 2022.

Since then, according to “Stern”, several complaints have been received by ombudspersons from the Green Party in the European Parliament.

The allegations initially concerned cross-border behavior, unwanted touching, uninvited entry into offices, but also bullying.

Conversations with ombudspersons

Gallée, 30, became a member of the European Parliament at the beginning of 2022.

He admitted to “Stern” that he had had discussions with the party’s ombudspersons, as the magazine reported.

He avoided questions about specific allegations.

“In my world that didn’t happen,” he said about the accusation of sexual harassment.

In his resignation, Gallée himself referred to press inquiries and spoke of “unspecific rumors”.

However, he himself contacted the Green Party's ombudsman's office and pushed for the allegations to be clarified.