European elections: in France, the RN confirms its priority of the fight against immigration

The president of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, presented yesterday, Thursday February 29, in Paris, the main lines of his campaign for the European elections on June 9.

The head of the RN list, who wants to make this election a mid-term election, poses as a bulwark against Emmanuel Macron and confirms his priority: the fight against immigration. 

The president of the National Rally and MEP Jordan Bardella at the European Parliament on January 16, 2024 in Strasbourg (illustrative image).


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One hundred days to win!” 

», the National Rally (RN) unveils its first campaign slogan.

And Jordan Bardella his ambition for this election: “ 

June 9 will obviously be a referendum on immigration 


No precise program, no measures revealed, but a strategy in three colors.


The green files

,” he said, “

bring together the cooperation currently underway which we approve and which we will support.

Orange files are those that will be admitted, but under new conditions.

We can cite the Schengen area, on the condition that free movement is exclusively reserved for nationals of member countries of the European Union.

Finally, the red files, which for us are those which affect the vital interests of the nation and whose sharing or interference we tolerate neither.



Ensuring that the European Union can evolve


The objective is to lay the foundations for a renegotiation of the European treaties with red lines, and “

 ensure that the

European Union

can evolve 


But with what allies?

Jordan Bardella, well ahead in the polls, sees the big picture: “ 

When ten years ago, we were considering leaving the European Union, it was precisely because the current of ideas that we represented was a minority on the European scene.

I believe that it is likely, in the time to come, to become the majority.


Next step for Jordan Bardella in this campaign which is beginning, a big meeting on Sunday in Marseille where he must give a speech on the theme of "the erasure of France


 , in the presence of Marine Le Pen, who is never very far away of his dolphin.

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