A helicopter carrying 4 tourists in Colombia collided with a building and fell after take-off (social networking sites)

A helicopter crashed next to a skyscraper in the city of Medín, Colombia, shortly after take-off after the pilot of the tourist flight lost control of the plane.

A video clip showed moments of panic inside a Bell 206 helicopter as it fell to the ground, while the passengers made their last phone calls before the six people on board the helicopter were able to miraculously survive despite the severity of the accident.

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Helicopter accidents 🚁 that this accident happened in #Medellín, upload a video of the PERO accident from the INTERIOR of the aeronave #Colombia #México #USA pic.twitter.com/xAdeAtN21h

- PERIÓDICO SUPREMO (@Diario_Supremo) February 27, 2024

The helicopter ride was part of the dining experience offered by the Hunger restaurant, located in Medina's Manrique neighborhood, where customers pay about $73 for a short 12-15-minute flight from Olaya Herrera Airport to the restaurant.

Before the tourists arrived at the restaurant - where they were supposed to be welcomed with a cocktail - their experience turned into a real nightmare, as the flight commander lost control of the helicopter and it fell shortly after take-off and collided with the side of a high-rise building.

According to Federico Gutierrez, mayor of Medellin, “a tourist helicopter crashed on the afternoon of Monday, February 26, in the Manrique neighborhood of Medellin, leaving the plane hanging on the side of the building.”

He added, "The helicopter took off from an airstrip, on the roof of a building, but after a few seconds the pilot lost control of it, so the plane turned and finally fell on the side of the building from which it took off."

More than 70 emergency workers rushed to the scene and helped rescue the passengers after the horrific accident. The authorities confirmed the survival of the pilot, his co-pilot, and 4 passengers, including an American and a Colombian of dual citizenship, while one of the passengers suffered a broken leg and multiple lacerations to the body and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

In a video clip, one of the passengers who lived through the terrifying experience, Francisco Salas (36 years old from Texas), was heard calling for help from emergency services, trying to remain calm amid the chaos.

Salas mentioned how he reached out to his family during the ordeal, bid them farewell and expressed their gratitude, “I even said goodbye to my brother. It was a very serious moment. I just wanted to say goodbye and thank everyone.”

Source: Al Jazeera + Spanish press + British press + social networking sites