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What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?

The question that the Burnings asked serves as an introduction to learn about the story of

Roberto Muñoz

(2004), a Madrid native from San Blas who is the second Spaniard to join the mythical

Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix

, the oldest and most prestigious association of guides. in the world, with more than 200 years of history.

La Compagnie is the place where any mountain professional dreams of belonging.

Roberto has achieved it and without coming from a family with Alpine tradition.

The closest thing to an


activity that he practiced as a child was going hunting for mushrooms with his father.

But at the age of 15,

a friend from school discovered Peñalara


«I went in winter for the first time.

We weren't well equipped or with proper footwear, but I loved it.

As a result of that outing we started going more often.

We took the train from Chamartín to Cotos every weekend

until one day my friend said that he didn't want to go anymore, and I answered: 'Well, I'm going to come every weekend!'.

He was already hooked.

I mainly did walking routes, until one day I found myself in a place where I had to climb and I told myself: 'If I want to continue doing this, I have to learn.'

"I met people who rock climbed and I started going out to La Pedriza

, another discovery."

At that time Roberto had started

his degree in Physics

, but after a few months he decided to abandon it: "I thought, I can't dedicate four years of my life to being locked up here... When I told my mother that I wanted to leave the university to dedicate myself to to the mountain was a drama.

Until I dared to say it at home, time passed.

I remember that I had already left university but I had not yet told my parents, so I left home early to pretend that I was still going to class, I took the subway and

spent the whole morning wandering around on the Circular line


In September of that same year he went to Chamonix to

ascend Mont Blanc


«Alone, on the adventure.

Although now that I'm a guide, I recommend doing it with one" (laughs).

So, it already occurred to her to train as a guide.

He was doing more mountains in Guadarrama, Pyrenees... until Chamonix appeared in his plans again: «In 2016 I came to spend the three summer months to do more technical activities.

I arrived with money saved from sporadic jobs in Madrid, but after a month I was broke.

I got a job at a well-known burger joint.

He skied in the mornings and worked in the afternoons


At the end of the summer they offered me to work the winter season and that's how I spent four years.

That was eight years ago.

It was then that he began to seriously think about training as a

guide at ENSA

(French National Ski and Mountaineering School).

«To enter, the level they require of you is very high, first you have to present a resume that proves that you have done a lot of mountaineering, then they give you an interview and you have to pass the

access tests

- mountain skiing (which is where they take the half of the people), rock climbing with boots, climbing shoes, ice climbing and orienteering.

If you pass them, the next thing is to spend a week with the teachers in the mountains so they can see how you perform.

In total there are

three years of training


After three months as an applicant you can start working as a guide, although not in all activities: a Mont Blanc, yes;

but a Matterhorn, which is more difficult, no.

“In this way you gain experience with clients.”

The icing on the cake was joining the

legendary Compagnie des Guides

: «First you have to work with them as


and show that you do your job well.

If they like you, you become a

priority reinforcement

and you have to write a motivation letter explaining why you want to join.

And finally to be

a stager

, which is what I am now, the entire company committee has to vote for you and you have to pass a final interview.

4 or 6 people enter every year



  • He discovered the mountain at the age of 15

  • He left his physics career for his dream

  • He is a qualified guide in France.

  • He passed tough tests to reach the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix