China News Service, Johannesburg, February 29 (Reporter Wang Xi) South African Police Minister Becky Cele informed at the ministry’s regular press conference on the 29th that since the launch of a large-scale nationwide anti-crime operation in May last year, South Africa has The police have arrested more than 400,000 suspects so far, and South Africa's crime rate is expected to stabilize.

  “It is clear from the number of arrests that the anti-crime campaign is gradually having an impact, particularly in the fight against serious, violent and organized crime.” In response to “The South African government has failed to deliver on its commitment to effectively reduce crime rates within ten years. " Questioning the question, Sele said that since the anti-crime operation was launched in May last year, the South African police arrested a total of 442,000 suspects in eight months. The high-intensity anti-crime operation has improved the police's role in their communities. credibility, but also acts as a deterrent to criminal activities.

  Sele said that any violence, especially serious crimes such as murder and shooting, are intolerable in South Africa.

"This is why the South African police must invest more resources, train more police officers, purchase more equipment, and invest more time and efforts in fighting crime." Sele said that after eight months of concentrated operations, South Africa has The fight against crime has indeed reached a new and stable stage, and the country's crime rate is expected to stabilize.

  In recent years, the high crime rate has seriously affected South Africa's economic development and social order.

Previously, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa made it clear that today’s criminals are more dangerous, and the South African police’s anti-crime work is also under great challenges and pressure.