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Updated Thursday, February 29, 2024-21:25

  • Music The figures of Shakira and Bizarrap's hit: best Latin premiere in the history of YouTube and trend in more than 20 countries

  • Courts Shakira admits her fraud against the Treasury and accepts a sentence of three years in prison plus a fine of 7.3 million euros

  • New court case against Shakira accused: Prosecutor's Office accuses her of defrauding the Treasury of more than 6 million euros

  • Fraud Shakira argues that she resided in the Bahamas to justify that she did not commit fraud against the Treasury

What was promised is a debt and


(47) is about to fulfill to the letter

what she has been preaching for months


Apparently, the singer's new lyrics will exude sincerity, pain and spite... Or, at least,

that is what is interpreted from some of the titles

that the Colombian has revealed this Thursday.

With a surprising publication on Instagram - which includes photos of

Spotify advertisements in the United States and Latin America

-, the well-known performer has revealed the list of songs that will include

Las mujeres no ya cry


It is an album with 17 songs: eight new and nine that have already been released, such as

Te felicito




According to his fans, among his new creations three stand out that could make direct reference to his ex

Gerard Piqué


How, where and when

(which has made some of his followers think that it is about the footballer's love affair with Clara Chía),





A song that makes a clear allusion to the capital of the Bahamas.

For Shakira,

the Bahamas is fundamental

to her story.

According to her own account, her interest in the Caribbean country arose when she learned that music greats

had recorded important songs

near her beaches.

"I decided to record in a legendary studio, where Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and The Cure passed through," she commented, more than two decades ago.

"After passing through there, I wanted to investigate a little and with each new album I came back...

Until one day we decided to buy a house

here and settle down," he told the Argentine presenter Susana Giménez, in an interview in which the plural was spoken, encompassing her

and her former boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa

in the noun "we."

To know more


Antonio de la Rúa lost Shakira, but he is rich thanks to his businesses


Antonio de la Rúa lost Shakira, but he is rich thanks to his businesses

Shakira and the son of former president Fernando de la Rúa separated in 2010. However, the

Waka Waka performer

retained her love for the Bahamas


What's more, a year later she decided to buy Bonds Cay, along with Roger Waters.

A paradise island - with hotels, waterfalls and golf courses - that is intended to be a retreat for artists.

During her relationship with Piqué, which lasted between 2010 and 2022, the couple and their children visited the Bahamas on numerous occasions.

For example, in 2016, when

they were photographed on a slide, in 2017

and in 2021 - when they spent several weeks, royally, in great hotels - and, the following year, when they were no longer together.

What happened?

In August 2022, the woman from Barranquilla and the Catalan

decided to meet at a point

that was neither Miami, a very comfortable territory for her, nor Barcelona, ​​an ideal place for him, and, finally, they opted for a fairly neutral place:

the house of Shakira in Nassau

, where they supposedly met to discuss the custody of their children.


Until now, no one knows the content of that conversation.

However, Shakira could be about to reveal it in her song.

However, on the networks, there are those who believe that


could be about her problems with the Treasury

and the fact that she declared that she lived in the Bahamas, for a certain period of time, and not in Spain.

As is public knowledge, the Latina claimed to have had tax residence in Nassau since 2007. Despite this, tax inspectors managed to demonstrate - thanks to electricity bills, telephone bills,

expenses on her cards and traffic fines

- that the person responsible for Hips Don't Lie did reside regularly in Barcelona between 2012 and 2014.

After months of speculation and several headaches, the trial against Shakira ended on November 20, 2023. The singer assumed that she had defrauded the Treasury of

14.5 million and accepted a prison sentence

(which she will not serve), a fine of 7 .3 million and another of 432 thousand euros.

Since then, Shakira has not addressed the issue.

But if she were to let off steam on her new album, no one would be surprised.

Above all, after the success of her collaboration with Bizarrap and that verse that gives life to the album's title: "

You thought you hurt me and made me harder

. Women no longer cry, women make money."