In Ghana, a new law against LGBTQ people adopted by Parliament

The penalty is up to three years in prison for people recognized as belonging to the LGBTQ community, up to five years for anyone who supports these communities.

A law that can only come into force with the approval of the president.

Nana Akuffo-Addo is expected to rule in less than a week.

But international associations and voices are already denouncing this law.

LGBT+ activists demonstrate against a bill unfavorable to their community, October 11, 2021. AP - Emily Leshner

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With our correspondent in Accra,

Victor Cariou

Serious attacks on people's fundamental rights, unconstitutional measures... International and Ghanaian criticism continues to fall on this new text entitled: "Human sexual rights and family values".

No matter according to Sam George, main support of the project, adopted Wednesday February 28: according to him it is about protecting children.

This law aims to stop this assault by some forces from the West, who are trying to change what Ghanaian culture and Ghana stands for.

Because we must protect the innocence of children 

,” he proclaims.

In the case of what the law calls

“promotion” of LGBTQ culture

, five years of imprisonment maximum.

An unfounded and dangerous measure, which will only reinforce discrimination and even violence according to Michael Akagbro, of the NGO Ghana Center for Democratic Development: “

Even before the adoption of this text by Parliament, members of the community LGBTQ were already under attack in different parts of the country.

This law will make the situation worse.

Because with this law, society will consider that it has the right to perpetuate these attacks, because it will be supported by this law.


Michael Akagbro assures him: his NGO, like others in Ghana, will take legal action if this law were to be approved by the president in less than a week.


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