Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, February 29 (Reporter Fu Yifei) According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, in 2024, China's manned space engineering will coordinate the promotion of the two major missions of space station application and development and manned lunar exploration.

  At present, all the work in the application and development phase of the China Space Station is progressing steadily as planned, and the development and construction of the missions in the lunar landing phase of the manned lunar exploration project are progressing smoothly.

  It is reported that since entering the space station application and development stage, China's manned space project has worked closely together across the board and successfully completed two cargo spacecraft replenishment missions, two manned spacecraft launches, and two spacecraft return missions. The astronaut crews have continued to fly and are safe for a long time. The station has achieved fruitful results in space science experiments, and the comprehensive benefits of the space station are constantly emerging.

Currently, the Shenzhou 17 astronauts stationed at the space station are in good physical and mental condition and are expected to return at the end of April.

  In 2024, the project plans two manned missions and two cargo spacecraft replenishment missions. The Tianzhou-7 cargo spacecraft replenishment mission was successfully completed in January, and Shenzhou 18 and Shenzhou 19 will be implemented in the future. Two manned missions and a supply mission for the Tianzhou-8 cargo spacecraft.

The astronaut crews for the two manned missions have been selected and are undergoing mission training.

In addition, more than 150 space science research and application projects have been arranged to be implemented in orbit, involving fields such as space life science and human body research, microgravity physics and new space technologies, and have achieved a number of internationally leading application and technological achievements.

  Aiming at the goal of realizing the first Chinese landing on the moon by 2030, the development and construction work of the lunar landing phase of the manned lunar exploration project in 2024 will also be stepped up.

At present, major flight products such as the Long March 10 carrier rocket, Mengzhou manned spacecraft, lunar surface lander, and lunar landing suit are all in the preliminary prototype development stage. Various test and launch facilities and equipment supporting the lunar landing mission at the Wenchang launch site will also be Construction has been launched in an all-round way, and the related development and construction work of each system is advancing as planned.

  Adhering to peaceful utilization, equality, mutual benefit, and common development are the principles that my country has always adhered to in developing its manned space industry.

In the future, our country will steadily advance international cooperation projects with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and other institutions in accordance with the established plan, and is willing to share the results of China's manned space development with countries around the world, especially developing countries, to jointly promote the development of the world's aerospace technology and provide for peaceful uses. Make positive contributions to space and benefit all mankind.