Deputy Director of Moral Guidance for the Houthi group to Al Jazeera Net: Yemeni military operations escalated after the intervention of America and Britain (Al Jazeera)

Sanaa -

Brigadier General Abdullah bin Amer, Deputy Director of the Department of Moral Guidance for the forces affiliated with the Ansar Allah Houthi group, confirmed that “the increase in American and British strikes is one of the results of the military escalation in the Red Sea, and a result of the American failure to achieve the goals related to targeting the military force of Ansar Allah.”

Ibn Amer said in his interview with Al Jazeera Net that the Americans and the British "did not achieve their goals," and he inferred that the Yemeni side was carrying out its military operations in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden before the strikes, and that the Yemeni military operations escalated after the military intervention of America and Britain.

He added, "Even our qualitative operations took place in the presence of American and British warships and aircraft, and our forces can deal with these exceptional circumstances, have previous experience, and are working to benefit from what they have achieved over the past years, by adapting to such circumstances appropriately, and dealing with advanced American military technologies." ".

The tension is constant

Ibn Amer spoke about the nature of the Houthi weapons used, and said, “Our forces in this battle are very different from previous battles, and we use what is appropriate for hostile targets, especially those at sea, as well as the recently announced use of unmanned submarines.” He also confirmed the use of ballistic and sea missiles. And unmanned aviation.

Ibn Amer said that the Houthi leadership has communication channels with the Palestinian resistance factions, and stressed that “Yemen will work to deal positively with any developments in Gaza,” referring to what is being proposed for a ceasefire agreement.

He stated, "This is what happened during the previous truce agreement, because what is happening in the Red Sea is directly linked to what is happening in Gaza."

He added, "Our operations will continue until the war stops and the siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted," explaining that "the American and British intervention came in order to protect Israeli interests in the Red Sea, and when they resorted to aggression against Yemen, their ships and warships became targets for our forces' operations."

Regarding the region's impact on what is happening, the Houthi leader said, "We previously warned that the military buildup to the Red Sea would harm international shipping traffic, because this region does not accommodate more battleships, destroyers, and warships."

He explained, "We are talking about a narrow area that does not accept military maneuvering, and if a large military clash occurs, this will certainly have an impact on international shipping traffic."

International reactions

The Deputy Director of the Department of Moral Guidance for the Houthi forces stated, “There are countries that are communicating with Sanaa, including European countries that have had extensive contacts with the Sultanate of Oman, while some countries - including European countries - have informed that they do not want to participate in any hostile actions, and that they will participate with the Americans in a symbolic way.” In the coalition by sending officers to the headquarters of the US Central Command located in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In contrast, Ibn Amer stated that there were other countries that tried to confirm their support for the ceasefire in Gaza, and that they trusted Sana’a’s decision to stop its naval operations if the war was stopped and aid was brought to the Palestinian people, while there were countries that had a declared position through the media, but they did not Take any military position in the field.

Ibn Amer commented, "We find ourselves in a military confrontation with the Americans and the British, who failed to push some Arab and foreign countries to participate in the Guardian of Prosperity alliance."

He added in his interview with Al Jazeera Net, "There is communication with China and Russia, and I believe that the political side of Ansar Allah has the full details, but it may be too early to talk about Russian or Chinese support, even though there is always communication, mutual visits, and communications as well."

In response to talk about the fact that the Americans and the British came to the Red Sea to extend their influence over this vital region of the world, the Brigadier General said, “This talk is rejected by them, because American influence and its forces have been present in this region for decades. We are talking about Yemen’s strategic location, and near it there are dozens American, British, and French military bases, whether in Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and the rest of the Arab Gulf states.”

He added in his speech, saying, “Iran has a presence in the Red Sea, and Russia was looking for a military base for it in the Red Sea.” He added, “We are prepared for various scenarios. When we talk about the West Coast region, it is an important region for Yemen and the Yemenis, and closing the coast and turning Yemen into a state.” “Geographically confined, Yemen may be pushed towards many options that the enemy is aware of, and we expect that he will not take this step.”

Source: Al Jazeera