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Alopecia, baldness, alopecia areata... Losing your hair can take different forms, but in many cases it is experienced as a complex.

Fortunately, solutions exist and the use of hair transplants is becoming more widespread, particularly in Turkey, thanks to competitive offers and renowned know-how.


Hair loss can be caused by many factors: health problems, special diet, genetics... They still don't always admit it and yet, to regain their self-confidence, more and more men are turning to transplants. of hair in international clinics with cutting-edge know-how.

The use of hair transplants is becoming more popular, and the growth of medical tourism is on the rise.

Turkey is a benchmark in hair transplantation.

What techniques can we use?

What precautions should you take before getting started?

Head to Istanbul to discover Capilclinic, a cutting-edge hair transplant clinic.

Capilclinic, expertise and reliability Located in Istanbul, Capilclinic also has franchises in France and Spain.

Leader in the hair transplant market, Capilclinic is considered one of the most renowned clinics in its field.

She also received the national prize for the best hair transplant clinic last year in Madrid, on the occasion of the fifth 21st Century Medicine Awards Gala.

This event brings together health professionals and promotes excellence and knowledge in the fields of research, teaching and care.

For more than ten years, the company has brought together international medical staff specializing in hair transplantation and developing innovative technologies such as FUE Sapphire (individual follicle extraction).

Capilclinic is the first clinic to offer treatments based on mother cells.

This type of practice represents a new way of looking at hair transplants and thus takes into account the time during which the follicles are outside the body (their survival time can decrease by up to 2.5% per hour).

The idea is simple: reduce this time as much as possible to increase the effectiveness of the graft and ensure a better, more natural and more lasting result.

Cutting-edge techniques

At Capilclinic, it is a team of professionals from all over the world who officiate.

Most of them have been trained internationally, and are today considered specialists in hair reconstruction.

To do this, they use cutting-edge techniques.

The best known in the clinic is the micro-channel FUE Sapphire technique.

These are real sapphire crystals which are used to open the micro-channels as finely as possible, which means that FUE Sapphire gives a more precise result than classic FUE.

Please note that this operation requires upstream analyzes to ensure the patient's compatibility with this process.

The FUE Sapphire technique can also be accompanied by a complementary treatment, that of the so-called mother cells.

The idea is to extract and clean the regenerating cells from abdominal fat, then activate them with natural proteins.

Objective: to minimize the time of the hair follicle outside the body, so that the graft takes better.

Capilclinic is the first to offer treatments based on mother cells.

Turkey, a reference destination

Istanbul is popular in the field of hair transplants.

One of the reasons for this growth is the price, lower than in other European countries.

The value of the Turkish lira is also lower than that of the euro and at the same time, the salaries of practitioners, even the most qualified, are lower.

The country attracts an international clientele with attractive offers, in the form of packages aimed at simplifying procedures as much as possible for clients.

CapilClinic therefore offers to take care of the transport and hotel and ensures the presence of a translator at each stage of the operation so that everything runs as smoothly and transparently as possible.

Turkey also stands out as a tourist country: you might as well combine business with pleasure!

Hair transplant techniques are often perfectly compatible with staying on site, provided you take care of the sun and respect other potential post-operation restrictions.

This will therefore be an opportunity to stroll on both banks of Istanbul, to marvel at the Hagia Sophia basilica, the Blue Mosque or even the lush Topkapi Palace.

For a peaceful operation

Although hair transplantation is very popular today, it remains a medical operation requiring anesthesia, and must therefore always be taken seriously.

First of all, you must request a personalized diagnosis from the clinic, to test the patient's eligibility and ensure that they will receive the most appropriate treatment possible.

The objective of this contact is also to determine the price, which may vary depending on the type of intervention and the quantity of follicles to be transplanted.

At Capilclinic, each case is treated in a personalized manner, and the diagnoses are systematic and without obligation.

Professionals explain to each patient which technique best suits their needs.

It is recommended to wear loose clothing that is easy to remove so as not to risk damaging the transplanted hair follicles.

Alcohol consumption or even smoking can have an impact on the quality of the graft and its good performance, and it is imperative not to consume alcohol before the procedure.

Before getting started, it is better to check that the chosen clinic meets all expectations.

Capilclinic provides a list of points to check on its site to launch the process with peace of mind, and ensures transparent and fair practices.

How to choose the best clinic?

If Turkey has become a real reference in terms of hair transplants, you must choose your clinic carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises.

First, let's look at the price.

Some clinics offer particularly attractive prices, but you must be careful: an offer below €2,000 risks not meeting all expectations.

Also pay attention to the number of interventions per day.

More than ten transplants?

It is better to find information elsewhere, because this may mean that the quality of the service is lower and that the time allocated to each intervention is too limited given the precision required.

In Turkey, it is always better to favor specialized hospitals, because private clinics are not necessarily obliged to follow the same health checks as hospitals.

Furthermore, it is better to go to a clinic specializing only in hair transplants, instead of a clinic offering different types of cosmetic operations.

This choice allows you to have access to the most advanced technologies, and therefore to the best results.

For comfort during preparation for the procedure as well as on the day of the operation, the presence of a translator should not be neglected.

This is an additional indicator of a quality service, and it is also the assurance of understanding the entire process, to get started with more peace of mind.

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