The G20 (finance ministers and central bank governors meeting of 20 major countries), which is being held in Brazil, is entering its second day of discussions, with opinions being exchanged on issues such as poverty, inequality, and debt issues in developing countries.

The G20 meeting is being held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Bank of Japan Governor Ueda and Finance Minister Kanda are in attendance from Japan, and discussions are underway on the second day.

In this meeting, opinions are exchanged on issues such as poverty and inequality, the worsening debt problem in developing countries, and the state of international taxation of wealthy people who operate across borders.

Brazil, the host country, is scheduled to hold a press conference after the meeting, in which they will explain the outcomes of the meeting, including the results of the discussions on the world economy held on the first day.

Governor Ueda and Finance Minister Kanda will also hold a press conference on site.

Governor Ueda has repeatedly expressed his recognition that the probability of achieving the 2% price stability target, which is a prerequisite for a major shift in monetary easing, is gradually increasing.

There is a lot of interest in what kind of explanations Governor Ueda gave at the G20 meeting regarding Japan's price situation, etc., and whether he would mention future monetary policy.