Four people with experience as secretary general of Abe's faction will attend the House of Representatives' Committee on Political Ethics on the 1st regarding the issue surrounding the political funding party of a faction of the Liberal Democratic Party.

On the other hand, while the ruling party is poised to pass the new fiscal year budget bill through the House of Representatives on the 1st, the opposition parties are increasingly protesting that the budget is being managed too aggressively, and the battle between the ruling and opposition parties is reaching a climax.

On February 29, Prime Minister Kishida and former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda, a member of the Nikai faction, attended the House of Representatives Committee on Political Ethics.

Prime Minister Kishida apologized for causing the public's distrust in politics, and said, ``The party will make decisions regarding political responsibility, including punishment, while taking into account the accountability of those involved and the facts.'' I want to.”

In addition, regarding when and under whose instructions the Abe faction's kickbacks and omissions from income and expenditure reports began, the spokesperson said, ``During the party's interviews, we repeatedly asked the parties involved, but unfortunately, there was no clear explanation. We have not been able to confirm the date and time."

Four people will attend the review committee on the 1st: former Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nishimura, who served as the secretary general of the Abe faction, Matsuno, former Chief Cabinet Secretary, Shioya, former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Takagi, former head of the National Diet Committee. .

The opposition party tried to clarify the situation during the February 29 Q&A, with Constitutional Democratic Party Representative Izumi stating, ``We need to have them clearly tell us who has continued the Abe faction's system and how it will be used.'' The company plans to investigate the circumstances surrounding the kickbacks, assuming that no progress has been made.

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】Details of statements made by Prime Minister Kishida and Mr. Takeda on the 29th at the Political Ethics Inquiry

New fiscal year budget bill: Ruling party poised to pass House of Representatives today; opposition parties push back

Meanwhile, regarding the new fiscal year budget bill, the House of Representatives Budget Committee and the plenary session have decided on the schedule for voting on the 1st, ex officio of the Committee Chairman.

The ruling party wants to ensure that the bill is enacted within the fiscal year, as it includes contingency funds for the Noto Peninsula earthquake, and is poised to pass the bill in the House of Representatives on the 1st.

In response, the opposition parties are increasingly protesting, saying that it is unacceptable to force a vote despite insufficient deliberations.

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan is considering submitting a resolution to dismiss Budget Committee Chairman Onodera, who voted ex officio, and the battle between the ruling and opposition parties is reaching a climax.