A former high-ranking official of the Trump administration in the United States gave an interview to NHK, stating that if former President Trump were to return to power in this fall's presidential election, he would "continue the policy of the four years he served as president." , expressed his intention to continue emphasizing the Japan-U.S. alliance.

Alexander Gray, who served as deputy chief of staff in the Trump administration, gave an interview to NHK in Tokyo.

Mr. Gray said he hopes that former President Trump will return in this fall's presidential election, but regarding foreign policy in that case, ``The only way to know what he will do over the next four years is through the White House.'' "We need to look at the specific policies that Mr. Trump has implemented during his four years in office."

"Mr. Trump has consistently moved the government to use every means possible to address challenges in partnership with Japan, South Korea, and allies around the world. He will continue these policies of his first term. ''Keeping in mind that China is increasing its influence in the Indo-Pacific region, he indicated that he would continue to place emphasis on the Japan-U.S. alliance and relations with Taiwan.

Regarding Mr. Trump's statement that he would not defend NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) member countries that do not pay sufficient defense costs, he said, ``Mr. Without it, we wouldn't have made as much progress as we have now, and neither Ukraine nor NATO would have been able to effectively deal with Russia," he said, emphasizing Trump's track record and demonstrating a tough negotiating stance. He expressed the view that the relationship with NATO will be strengthened, while maintaining the relationship between Japan and NATO.

Furthermore, regarding military aid to Ukraine, for which Trump has shown a negative attitude, Gray said, ``In my personal opinion, the only way for Ukraine to ultimately succeed in negotiations with Russia is for Ukraine to "It's about being able to come to negotiations in a strong position, equipped with the weapons and capabilities to win on the battlefield. Continuing military support serves not only America's strategic interests, but also its economic interests." He expressed the view that military support should be continued and, if anything, strengthened.