Luis Fernando Romo

Updated Tuesday, February 27, 2024-21:21

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of Constantine II of Greece, the British Royal House has organized

a mass in memory of the last

Hellenic king in

St. George

's Chapel at Windsor Castle


Queen Camilla (76) has led the tribute since King Charles III is

on sick leave due to the cancer he suffers from.

At the last minute, Prince William (41) excused his absence due to

"personal reasons"


The reason why this event has been celebrated in England is due

not only to their family ties

, but also to the deep friendship that exists between both royal families.

To begin with, they are family as a result of

the successive marriages

of the children of Queen Victoria of England who linked up with the members of the

most important European royal houses.

In fact, the Emerituses and Philip of Edinburgh, consort of Queen Elizabeth II,

are great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria

, whom she calls

"The Grandmother of Europe"


And in the case of Queen Sofia, consanguinity is intensified through the Prussian maternal line since Kaiser William II was the great-grandfather of

the Emerita and Felipe


On the Bourbon side, the connection began when

Victoria Eugenia, granddaughter of Queen Victoria

, married King Alfonso XIII, grandparents of Juan Carlos I (86).

One of the monarch's first cousins ​​was

Alice of Battenberg,

mother of the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Spanish Royal Family during the funeral of Constantine of GreeceGTRES

Out of respect,

families try to stay together,

but where the relationship is truly forged is in friendship, as Elizabeth II demonstrated when she allowed

Constantine II of Greece and his family to choose London

as their official residence after exiling themselves from Greece.

That happened when in November 1974 another referendum definitively rejected the monarchy in the Greek people.

During the four decades that they remained on British soil, they resided in

a splendid mansion of almost 900 square meters

in the elite neighborhood of Hampstead that consisted of 13 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and a heated indoor pool.

In this residence located on a 3,000 square meter plot of land, Lady Di found the ideal refuge

due to the affection that the family always showed them.

Therefore, on many of the occasions when she had to undertake official trips she left her children,

Princes William and Henry (39)

in the care of the Greeks.

Constantine of Greece in 1999GTRES

Over time, these ties became even more intense since

the Prince of Wales is not only the godson of

Constantine II, but is also one of the seven godfathers of Prince

Constantine Alexios (25).

The young man is the second of the five children of Pablo de Grecia (56) and Marie-Chantal Miller (55) and the first boy.

During her stay in England, Queen Elizabeth II always took into consideration that Constantine

had been born on the Greek island of Corfu

like her husband.

At the most important social events, the

monarch had the courtesy to invite them

and give them their rightful place, interacting with the rest of the country's aristocratic families.

The youngest children of the "kings of Greece",

Theodora (40) and Philip (37) were born in London.

Infanta Elena, Infanta Cristina and Juan ValentínGTRES

Constantino and Ana María were able

to move to Greece permanently in 2013

where they bought a mansion in Porto Cheli in the Peloponnese.

As a result of the monarch's worsening health, they decided

to sell the property to settle in Athens

due to the proximity of the hospitals.

They sold their London residence

for 6.7 million euros

when they initially asked for 15.5 million.

At the religious service held in Windsor this Tuesday, King Felipe VI (56), Queen Letizia (51) and Juan Carlos I

sat together in the third pew ,

while Queen Sofia (85) and Princess Irene (81) They did it at first with the rest of their families.

Other notable guests were

the infantas Elena (60) and Cristina (58)

, the latter accompanied by her first-born, Juan Valentín (24).