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On January 12, Antena 3 premiered the fourth season of

El Desafío,

a successful program that

subjects eight celebrities

to extreme and very complex


some of which cause the celebrity in question

to cry

when having to face their fears, such as for example, heights.

Thus, during the filming of this season,

Pepe Navarro

fell from a crane and

Mario Vaquerizo

burned like hell.

But none of this seems to scare the next season's contestant.

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Jorge Salvador, the 'culprit' of 50% of the success of El Hormiguero: "We are in one of the best moments in the history of the program"

  • Editor: BORJA R. CATELA Madrid

Jorge Salvador, the 'culprit' of 50% of the success of El Hormiguero: "We are in one of the best moments in the history of the program"

As the ABC newspaper has announced and EL MUNDO has been able to confirm, Victoria Federica de Marichalar y Borbón (23) will participate in the next edition of the television program, whose fifth season will be broadcast

in early 2025.

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Already at the presentation of the fourth season, which took place a few weeks ago,

Jorge Salvador

- the director of

El Desafío

- mentioned that the next edition would feature

"unexpected star signings"

that would surprise the public.

However, no journalist thought that she was

the daughter of Infanta Elena.

As EL MUNDO has learned,

the producer's first contacts

with Victoria Federica occurred

a year ago,

with the intention of the


participating in the edition that is currently being broadcast.

But in the end

no agreement was reached

as we were unable to convince her because of the


involved in participating in one of the most watched spaces on television.

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Finally, more than a year after those first negotiations, the granddaughter of the King Emeritus has reached an agreement to participate in this

white entertainment program.

Recording will begin this Friday, as EL MUNDO has learned.

Likewise, the niece of Felipe VI - who has commented on numerous occasions that she seeks to expand her horizons - will have to

learn to dance, sing, drive cars

in the most beastly way possible and build a tower of chairs, in order to change a light bulb several meters high.

And, of course, the dreaded apnea.

And although all those tests seem immensely difficult, everything that happens in

El Desafío

could come in handy for Vicky Fede's plans.

"I want to show myself to people

so that they can see me as I am,

because the image that is spread about me is not the true one," she explained in 2022, in her first interview.