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  • Famous Isabel Pantoja: reasons for men and women to burn in her lit fire

  • Finally Isabel Pantoja breaks her silence: "Who said I was locked in a house?"

It had been a long time since Isabel Pantoja (67) had been seen laughing heartily.

The tonadillera has left Cantora these days to enjoy

a brief stay in Córdoba

, a city where she arrived driving by car and without the usual company of her brother Agustín.

However, she was not alone and it was

being able to spend time with a good friend

of hers that brought her happiness.



has taken careful account of all the details of Pantoja's trip.

The singer

walked with several friends who

, like her, took advantage of her outing to stock up on food.

They bought at


fruit shop, a

delicatessen and a butcher shop.

But what stood out most about this garbeo was the complicity of the artist with a friend of hers.

A woman who appears to be more or less her age and

unknown until today.

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Isabel and her friend shared confidences, mutual smiles, knowing glances and

even walked arm in arm and with their hands intertwined.

Subsequently, the until now anonymous lady

took her by the waist

and they both headed to the Tonadillera's car.

Moment when the cameras stopped capturing them.

Gema López has given more information in

Espejo Público

about the woman who appears in this photo report.

She claims that

her name is Mariló,

she is the

manager of an ophthalmological clinic in Córdoba

and is in charge of Isabel's medical agenda whenever she goes to the city.

She arranges visits to physiotherapists and doctors when she needs them.

Sometimes, she even acts

as his driver and escort.

About her They have known about her for more than 20 years and they even say about her that, along with her brother Agustín, she

is the greatest support

of Paquirri's widow.

Mariló is single, has no children and had a partner years ago.

She comes from a family of jewelers and both her mother and she had always been big fans of the artist.

That's how they met her, regularly attending her concerts and frequenting Cantora

when her friendship with her became more solid


Now, it is Isabel who has spent 15 days at her friend's house.