China News Service, February 28 (Xinhua) According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the Office of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs stated on the 27th local time that a medical convoy led by the WHO evacuated patients from Gaza hospitals on the 25th, but was intercepted by the Israeli army. Workers were searched and detained.

Image source: Screenshot of Reuters report

  According to the United Nations website, Larke, spokesman for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said in a speech in Geneva that the Israeli authorities had been informed of the plan before the evacuation. The Israeli authorities acknowledged receipt of the notification, but the Israeli army did not provide "any communication." There was no word on why the ambulance remained impounded for at least seven hours, or why the paramedics, two of whom have not been released, were "taken away and forced to take off their clothes."

  In this regard, the United Nations Humanitarian Country Team for Palestine stated, "This is not an isolated incident. Aid convoys are often attacked and are systematically prevented from reaching people in need."

  According to the United Nations website, WHO spokesperson Lindmeier revealed that currently, only 12 of the 36 hospitals in Gaza are "partially functioning."

In addition, 15 emergency medical teams are deployed in southern Gaza and operate 4 field hospitals with a total of 305 beds.

  "These are important help, but of course it is more important to re-stabilize Gaza's health system and to have all the trained medical staff ready to work even in this situation," Lindmeier said. And be able to work.”