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Updated Wednesday, February 28, 2024-18:51

  • Justice The commission agent who took 5.5 million "had a special pass" in the Ábalos ministry, according to the judge

  • Politics Emotional rupture in the PSOE of militancy

The PP is accelerating at high speed in its parliamentary offensive on the

Koldo case


The spokesman for the

Popular Party

in Congress, Miguel Tellado, presented this Wednesday a battery of 33 initiatives on the alleged corruption plot that he calls the "Sanchez case."

Among them, two requests for an urgent appearance in the Plenary Session of the Lower House of the Ministers of the Presidency and Transportation, Félix Bolaños and Óscar Puente, respectively.

The text of the initiatives demands to know "the responsibility in relation to the alleged collection of illegal commissions in contracts related to the purchase of masks during the coronavirus pandemic [2020], whose investigation has led to the arrest of several people, including finds a former advisor to the Executive", in relation to Koldo García, advisor to the then Minister José Luis Ábalos.

Puente is asked to report what happened with the purchase, by State Ports, of eight million masks from

Soluciones de Gestión y Apoyo a Empresas SL


And Bolaños, as holder of the Presidency portfolio, is required to make a general assessment of the hypothetical involvement of the Executive.

Something that the PSOE and Bolaños himself have already denied.

In addition, the PP has demanded six urgent appearances in the Transport and Finance commissions.

They want several senior officials of the Socialist Administration "related", in their opinion, "to the corruption plot", among them the presidents of Adif, Puertos del Estado and Correos, whose president,

Juan Manuel Serrano

, they summon both commissions.

Serrano is asked for explanations about the issuance of a stamp in tribute to the Zamora Football Club, whose president,

Víctor de Aldama

, "is being investigated for the alleged collection of illegal commissions."

Finally, the

popular parties

have asked the Government 25 questions for a written response, which is mandatory based on the Congress Regulations.

Among them, the question stands out about the reason for signing Koldo García's brother,

Joseba García

, at the state engineering company Ineco, and about how much he earned.