One of the world's largest mobile-related exhibitions has begun in Spain, showcasing cutting-edge technologies with main themes such as generative AI and the next-generation communication standard "6G".

Approximately 2,700 companies from all over the world are exhibiting at the exhibition that began on the 26th in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

This year's main themes are ``Generative AI'' and ``Beyond 5G'', and the latest equipment and services are introduced.

Among them, a German telecommunications company released a prototype smartphone equipped with AI.

This smartphone uses AI to perform the necessary tasks on your behalf, such as searching for and making reservations for flights, just by telling you the destination and dates you want to travel to.

In addition, NTT DoCoMo is introducing technology that allows users to convert the tactile sensations they feel when they touch objects into data and share it with others at an exhibit that envisions the use of the next-generation communication standard, 6G.

By wearing VR goggles and a special device attached to your arm or finger, visitors can experience the feeling of petting a dog in front of them or being pulled by the leash. I was enjoying the walk.

In order to share human sensations and movements in real time, a fast transmission speed is required, so 6G, which dramatically increases communication speed and capacity, is suitable.

Takehiro Nakamura, CSO of NTT Docomo, said, ``By showing in a place like this what kind of society we are aiming for with 6G, we want to work with various partners to create something better.''

The exhibition will be open until the 29th, and more than 90,000 people are expected to visit.