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Updated Wednesday, February 28, 2024-09:14

Seprona has found

up to 27 dead animals

in the municipality of




) in recent days, as reported by the Government Subdelegation.

The animals found so far are

22 crows, a hunting dog


four red kites

, an endangered species.

Its discovery is part of the investigation that will have to determine if the cause is the

use of poisoned baits

, a crime punishable in the Penal Code.

The first dead animals, some crows and the dog, appeared on February 22 and since then


agents have worked in the area.

The search for poisoned baits has been carried out by Seprona, which uses dogs specialized in finding this type of bait.

The mountain where they have appeared is of public utility in


, a small town of fifty inhabitants belonging to Asturians, in the

northwest of the province of Zamora