Russia has announced that it has taken control of Audiiivka, a stronghold in eastern Ukraine, and surrounding villages one after another, and appears to be aiming to intensify its offensive before the Ukrainian side rebuilds its defense line.

On the 27th, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu stated at a meeting at the Ministry of Defense, ``In the past week, we have taken control of Chevernay and other areas,'' adding that Russia has taken control of surrounding villages one after another following Audiiivka, a stronghold in Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine. Announced.

The American think tank ``Institute of War Research'' expressed the view that Defense Minister Shoigu was flaunting the achievements of the war ahead of Russia's presidential election to be held next month.

He further points out that the Russian military is ``taking advantage of the tactical opportunity gained by occupying Audi Ivka,'' and analyzes that the Russian military is aiming to intensify its offensive before the Ukrainian side rebuilds its defense line.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military has recently announced the downing of Russian military aircraft one after another, and on the 23rd, they announced the downing of a Russian military A50 early warning and control aircraft, which is important for operational control.

Ukrainian Air Force Spokesman Ignat said on the 27th, ``Russia has not used the A50 for the past few days,'' indicating that Russian military operations are being affected.

The British Ministry of Defense said on the 27th that the A50 was likely shot down by a surface-to-air missile, meaning Russia had lost two of its nine operational aircraft in two months.

And the Russian military has been forced to reconsider the operational range of the A50 due to the loss of valuable aircraft and crew, and analyzes that attacks from the Ukrainian side have become a threat.