China News Service, February 28 (Xinhua) The National Health Commission held a press conference on February 28 to introduce the progress and results of health care.

At the meeting, Yang Jinrui, deputy director of the Department of Population and Family of the National Health Commission, said that currently, there are nearly 100,000 institutions providing childcare services across the country, with about 4.8 million places.

  Yang Jinrui pointed out that childcare services are related to the healthy growth of infants and young children, and are related to thousands of households. It is a very important livelihood project.

The National Health Commission thoroughly implements the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and works with relevant parties to vigorously promote the healthy development of childcare services.

  The first is to implement major special projects for childcare construction and support the construction of 48 comprehensive childcare service centers, public childcare institutions and inclusive childcare places.

  The second is to implement preferential tax measures for community childcare services, include the cost of care services for infants under 3 years old into the special additional deduction for personal income tax and raise the deduction standards, implement the central government's financial support for the development of inclusive childcare service demonstration projects, and support the construction of 15 cities. Mechanism, continuity, and experience.

  The third is to promote the inclusion of the Childcare Services Law of the People's Republic of China in the legislative plan of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People's Congress.

  The fourth is to promulgate standards for the establishment of day care institutions, management practices, registration and filing, integration of medical education and family day care points, and issue guidelines for the prevention of infant and young child injuries, feeding and nutrition guidelines, and fire safety guidelines for day care institutions, and implement statistical surveys of day care institutions. system.

  The fifth is to revise the professional skill standards for childcare teachers, establish childcare majors at the secondary vocational, higher vocational and higher vocational undergraduate levels, and organize the compilation and printing of 14 kinds of childcare higher vocational teaching materials and 9 kinds of secondary vocational teaching materials.

  Sixth, we worked with relevant departments to name the first batch of 33 national infant care service demonstration cities and selected 75 loving child care employers.

Currently, there are nearly 100,000 institutions providing childcare services across the country, with approximately 4.8 million childcare spaces.