China News Service, February 28 (Xinhua) The National Health Commission held a press conference on February 28 to introduce the progress and results of health care.

At the meeting, Qin Xingqiang, deputy director of the General Affairs Department of the National Administration of Disease Control and Prevention, said that in recent years, the National Administration of Disease Control and Prevention has continuously improved its multi-department collaboration mechanism, enhanced disease prevention and control capabilities, and implemented various comprehensive prevention and control measures for infectious diseases.

  The first is to increase investment and improve the service conditions of the disease control system.

Since the "14th Five-Year Plan", the central budget has allocated a total of 13.1 billion yuan to support the construction of a four-level disease control system at the national, provincial, municipal, and county levels.

In 2023, the central government will allocate 17.687 billion yuan in funds for disease control projects through transfer payments to be used for prevention and control of major infectious diseases, endemic diseases, etc.

  The second is to take multiple measures to improve the quality and efficiency of disease prevention and treatment services.

my country's infectious disease network direct reporting system has shortened the average reporting time from 5 days to 4 hours now. The national level has established a technical system for rapid identification of 300 pathogens within 72 hours. 100% of provincial and 90% of municipal The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has nucleic acid testing and virus isolation capabilities.

The vaccination rate of the immunization program remains above 90%.

Through reasonable distribution, online reservations, door-to-door services, etc., we will continue to improve the accessibility and convenience of vaccination services.

  The third is to work together to consolidate the foundation of the disease control system.

Relevant departments have a clear division of labor, each has its own responsibilities, and joint prevention and control have been implemented, and the people's awareness of disease prevention has been greatly improved.

  Qin Xingqiang pointed out that my country has achieved remarkable results in the prevention and control of infectious diseases, and the public health protection network has been further strengthened.

In terms of prevention and control of emerging infectious diseases, major and decisive successes have been achieved in the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, and infectious diseases such as human avian influenza and plague have been effectively dealt with.

In terms of prevention and control of major infectious diseases, the rapid rise of the AIDS epidemic in key areas has been effectively curbed; the mortality rate of tuberculosis has been maintained at a low level; all counties where schistosomiasis is endemic have reached transmission interruption status; measles, Japanese encephalitis and other vaccines can prevent The incidence of infectious diseases has dropped to an all-time low.