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Updated Wednesday, February 28, 2024-20:51

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Argentines hold their breath: in the midst of a wave of rumors, no one is clear what Javier Milei will do and say in the


he has organized for Friday night, an

unprecedented nighttime opening of sessions of the Parliament

that the Argentine president defines insistently like

a "rat's nest"


It is the

State of the Union

that he organized for himself at 9:00 p.m.


, a deep admirer of all the rites and symbols of the United States, to such an extent that the most powerful electoral promise that propelled him to the presidency is dollarization.

The great desire of the ultraliberal these days is to dismantle structures and


of the State.

The creation of new universities approved by law was stopped, control of the multimillion-dollar allocations destined for social plans was taken away from union organizations, and the closure of the Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (Inadi) and the repeal of inclusive language and the gender perspective in public administration.

Days before, the Ministry of Defense had announced that it would no longer be possible to say "generala" or "caba."

"There is already a change, it is a cultural change. Discussions are taking place that were not taking place," argued Ramiro Marra, a libertarian legislator in the Buenos Aires City Council.

"The closure of Inadi is quite an achievement."

The decision to ban inclusive language drew severe criticism, but presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni argued that it is not necessary.

"The language that covers all sectors is the Spanish language, I don't see why it should have structures. It is a debate in which we are not going to participate because we consider that gender perspectives have also been used as a political business, that is not has discussion."

Thus, Milei is advancing far beyond the economy, far beyond trying to lower inflation, which is the reason why the overwhelming majority of his voters took him to the Presidency: emboldened by his time at the Davos Forum and by the

United States Conservative Conference

, the CPAC, in which he spoke for a minute and a half and dedicated several bows to Donald Trump, Milei faces that mission to which Marra refers, that of "cultural change."

That change, which from his perspective


needs , has him at odds with 23 of the country's 24 governors.

The threat from the Patagonian provinces to cut off oil shipments to the rest of the country did not materialize in part because a federal judge agreed with the governor of Chubut, in part because the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, resumed dialogue with several of them after Milei's fierce attacks and disqualifications.

This Wednesday, the unions demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Human Capital, that macro-ministry created by Milei that encompasses Labor, Social Development, Education, Health and Social Security.

They accuse its owner, Sandra Pettovello, of defunding programs that send food to the poorest.

The minister denies that this is the case.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Security,

Patricia Bullrich

, who from Milei's tough rival in the presidential elections became one of his great defenders, dedicated this Wednesday to guaranteeing access to the country's airports and preventing any blockade: an

airline strike Argentinas

and ground services left the country with a minimum number of flights.

What will Milei say on Friday?

The president himself took it upon himself to deny on social media a rumor that indicated that he would announce the dollarization of the economy, something that Argentina today is not in a financial position to do.

The news networks affirmed that the president will not sit on the podium to speak to parliamentarians, something he avoided doing on the day of his inauguration, and that his speech will be standing, just as American presidents do on the day of his inauguration. State of the Union.

And as Friday approaches, a message from Rome, from the Vatican.



, whom Milei now respects and praises with emotion after having dedicated the worst insults to him, sent a petition: "Social rights are not free. The wealth to sustain them is available, but it requires appropriate, rational and equitable political decisions. "The State, today more important than ever, is called to play this central role of redistribution and social justice."

Word for word, exactly the opposite of what Milei thinks and promotes.