Louise Sallé / Photo credits: Thibaut Durand / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 6:26 a.m., February 28, 2024

Last December, Gabriel Attal, then Minister of Education, announced the establishment of level groups in colleges to raise the level of students.

This requires more teachers, which is why the ministry is distributing envelopes so that the academies can recruit more.

But private Catholic establishments seem to have been forgotten.

Will the reform of level groups, desired by Gabriel Attal, be implemented in all 6th and 5th grade classes in France?

This measure aims to group students into different groups, based on their academic results, during their math and French hours.

But this requires more teachers because the groups of students most in difficulty must be reduced in number.

The ministry is therefore currently distributing envelopes so that academies can recruit more teachers.

But private Catholic establishments seem to have been forgotten.

An endowment for only 370 jobs

They educate nearly 20% of French students and, according to the ministry, they have the obligation to implement level groups.

But private Catholic colleges were not provided with a sufficient budget, as expected.

“These are reforms that have been announced once again, the cost of which has been underestimated. The only allocation we have corresponds to a little more than 370 jobs. It is very, very little and we do not have benefited from additional allocations, unlike the public. But we would have been delighted to be able to do it. Level groups everywhere, we really regret not being able to do it today", laments Philippe Delorme, general secretary of Catholic education . 


 In college, flexible level groups and heterogeneous classes, says Nicole Belloubet

In Toulouse, Laurent Maury, diocesan director, is certain, the 78 colleges he manages in the Academy will not all apply the measure.

“We are considering changing the size of the groups, the number of hours, but for the moment, it seems extremely complicated and it is clear that certain establishments will probably not have the allocation to operate these groups,” he underlines at the microphone of Europe 1. National Education is also the subject of a policy of cost reduction.

Announced last week, 690 million euros were removed from the 2024 budget.