In Ukraine, we do not believe in a possible intervention by Western troops against Russia

Emmanuel Macron unleashed a torrent of political comments after refusing to exclude, on February 26 after a conference in support of Ukraine, a possible intervention by Western troops in the war against Russia.

In Ukraine, the French president's comments did not generate any particular reactions, as if the hypothesis raised seemed, at this stage, unrealistic and very far from Ukrainian demands. 

A Kiev resident watches firefighters trying to put out a fire in a building targeted by a Russian air attack in kyiv, February 7, 2024. REUTERS - VALENTYN OGIRENKO

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with our correspondent in Kiev,

Stéphane Siohan

The Ukrainians barely reacted to

the French head of state's comments


The media talked about it on the radio and on television, because Emmanuel Macron's exit necessarily surprised a little, but nothing more.

It didn't even make the news.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, the media covered his statements, but also the

extremely strong reactions they provoked in the Western camp

, as well as on the

French political scene


But for the rest, it's almost radio silence.

On Tuesday, the real news discussed at length in Ukraine was the shooting down of two new Russian fighter planes by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses.

On social networks, some commentators noted the French position in a somewhat intrigued manner, as if the prospect of seeing French or European soldiers in Ukraine seemed a little surreal.

On the political side, there were almost no reactions.

Within the Ukrainian presidency, only Mykhaïlo Podolyak, an advisor to Volodymyr Zelensky who tweets about almost everything, welcomed a “ 

good sign

 ” from Paris.

According to him, " 

the opening of discussions on the possibility of direct support to Ukraine by European armed forces makes it possible to clarify the risks in a more distinct way

 ", and this shows that at least the French now fully recognize the risks that a militaristic and aggressive Russia represents for Europe.

Apart from this reaction, close the ban.

And for good reason: on Sunday, during a press conference,

Volodymyr Zelensky has already said everything


Responding to a journalist, the Ukrainian president said that he under no circumstances expected Western soldiers to come and fight in Ukraine.

For him, the needs are more urgent and more pragmatic.

He asks for weapons systems, ammunition, fighter planes to be entrusted to the Ukrainians, so that no European soldier will need, in the future, to come and wage war in Ukraine between Russia.

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