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On the front page of the press, the numerous reactions to Emmanuel Macron's declaration on Monday on the possibility of an intervention by Western troops in Ukraine.

The president's remarks, despite his oratorical precautions, cause emotion and concern.

“And now troops?”


Le Parisien/Aujourd'hui en France

evokes the disappearance, since the start of the war in Ukraine, of the "time of carelessness" and the return of "the fear of a conventional conflict on the European continent".

According to


, Emmanuel Macron's "real plan" would have been to "open the debate" and "send a signal to Vladimir Putin".


is less sure, but believes that "whatever the desire for provocation or the level of improvisation, hidden behind Emmanuel Macron's words", "a change is occurring in France's position and perhaps Europe vis-à-vis Russia.


, however, considers the intervention of the Head of State to be clumsy to say the least: “If Emmanuel Macron were a great diplomat, that would be known.”

Several French dailies accuse the president of being a "go-to-war", notably Le Figaro, which is concerned that these remarks could cause "the opposite effect to that sought, by consolidating a bloc of timid (or cautious)".

“After the oscillations of the reshuffle and the politically disastrous agricultural sequence, was the head of state looking for a diversion commensurate with his domestic bogs?”

For the newspaper, Emmanuel Macron "wrapped himself in the cape of the warlord facing Putin, but he did it without troops or ammunition, a bit like when he summoned the anti-Daesh coalition against Hamas: using words."

The official Russian newspaper


emphasizes that these statements aroused "indignation in French political circles and the perplexity of Paris' European allies" and cites, among other things, the reaction of a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, who questioned Emmanuel Macron on social networks asking him if he had "decided to organize the Charlemagne division (the division of the French SS during the Second World War) to defend the bunker of Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president. If no ally followed in the footsteps of Emmanuel Macron, criticism is particularly strong in Germany, where the Süddeutsche Zeitung denounces "this mania for big announcements",

deemed “typical”

of Emmanuel Macron and “the glaring gulf” between his words and his actions.

“Less bragging, more shells”, asks the Swiss newspaper

La Tribune de Genève

, ironically about the “embarrassed silence” which responded to the “Elysian outbursts”?

There is also a lot of debate in France on whether or not abortion should be included in the Constitution.

Senators must vote today.

Libération reports a “massive counter-offensive by anti-abortionists”, whose lobbying has “tightened up” in recent weeks, around senators, some of whom have received letters and drawings of crying fetuses.

"Anti-abortion" activists, or "pro-life"? La Croix chooses another term, while recalling that 83% of French people consider the authorization of abortion by French law positive and that the freedom to abort should be enshrined in the Constitution. An overwhelming majority, in the face of an anti-abortion movement which remains "marginal in public opinion", and whose activists, mostly Catholics "are distinguished by their youth", particularly within the “March for Life” association “The March for Life is a kids’ demonstration,” explains Émile Duport, a figure in the movement.

Most pro-life activists are children of pro-life activists, and since they have a lot of children, that populates the ranks of the March!”

Debates and controversies too, at the cinema, on this day of release of films in theaters, in France.

Le Monde looks back on the rapid growth of the “MeToo boys” movement, launched a few days ago by actor Aurélien Wiik, whose testimony led to hundreds of others, on incidents of sexual assault and rape .

“A liberation of male speech, a new stage of the #MeToo wave”, according to the newspaper, which specifies that the actor said he was inspired by the approach of actress Judith Godrèche.

She recounted in Le Monde her relationship under influence with the director Benoît Jacquot, when she was 14, but also the abuse suffered at the hands of another filmmaker, Jacques Doillon.

He disputes these accusations, but the release of his latest film, scheduled for next month, has just been postponed



Libération reports that the production finally reversed its decision to maintain its release, due to "the disapproval of the casting", in particular of the actress Nora Hamzawi, one of the main actresses of the film, and the "reluctance of the operators" .

According to Libé, "everything suggests that the release of Benoît Jacquot's next film, planned for next year, is also in danger."

The Lebanese daily L'Orient Le Jour is celebrating its 100th anniversary today.

“We were there, we will be there, for a plural, free and sovereign Lebanon!”, promises the newspaper.

Read on the Parisian website, this absurd story: a bag containing a computer and two USB keys where the security plans for the Paris Olympics were stored by the municipal police, was stolen on Monday from a Gare du Nord train, according to the police .

In the United Kingdom, the daily newspaper The Times reports that a train driver, fired for putting a tarantula exoskeleton and then a snake skin in a colleague's locker to play a joke on her, obtained the right from the courts to get his job back.

A court ruled that Jonathan Richardson's antics were pranks whose aim was not to harm his classmate, who shared with him her phobia of "creepy crawlies".

Not bad but not very nice either.

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