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Updated Wednesday, February 28, 2024-18:53

  • Without cause, Thomas Kingston, husband of Lady Gabriella Windsor, is found dead at the age of 45

  • Royal Funeral Home for Constantine of Greece in Windsor: Camilla as hostess, Andrés guest and a controversial absence

The British royal family faces the sudden death of Thomas Kingston, a relative of King Charles III

through his marriage to Lady Gabriella Windsor

, great-granddaughter of George V and Queen Consort Mary.

The death of the young financier and

expert in extreme situations

, at 45 years of age, occurs after a wave of sick leave that has skewed the central core of the Windsors, from the monarch himself to the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York.

Kingston was found dead at a home in the Cotswolds, a bucolic and exclusive rural area of ​​Gloucester County, on Sunday the 25th, but

the news reached the media this Tuesday


That same day, members of different European royalty, including the Spanish and British, met in St. George's Chapel, in the grounds of Windsor Castle, on the outskirts of London, in memory of Constantine II of Greece, who died on last year.

The absence of William, Prince of Wales, who was expected to read a psalm during the mass, was surprising, but Kensington Palace

was quick to rule out the tragic outcome

of his distant cousin's husband among the "personal" reasons why the heir to the Crown stood up to the rest of the family and the guests.

Constantine was godfather to both relatives, Gabriella and Guillermo.

Lady Windsor - known privately as Ella - is not part of the "working royal",

members with official functions and subsidies

, but she is a constant figure, along with her husband Tom in the last five years, at crucial events of the monarchy. .

On Valentine's Day, they accompanied Queen Camilla to a



in London

, according to the latest official photograph that has been revealed of the couple.

That same month, they attended a reception at the National Gallery, also in the British capital.

Thomas Kingston was born on 22 June 1978 and studied

Financial History at Bristol University


He operated under the diplomatic orbit of the Foreign Ministry, as an assistant in negotiations for the release of hostages.

He served in Baghdad

for at least three years, during which he was reportedly in situations of serious risk, including suicide bombings.

Returning to Europe, he worked for banks and investment entities as a financial advisor in emerging economies and post-conflict markets.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip presided over the procession of guests at his wedding with Lady Gabriella, which took place in the same St. George's Chapel, in 2019. Months later, Kingston appeared for the first

time on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

, along with some members of the royal family.

His wedding to Lady GabriellaGtres

It is unclear when or how the couple met.

The truth is that the now deceased would maintain

good relations with Pippa Middleton

, sister of Princess Kate, with whom he had a brief courtship, according to British media.

Kington chose a small enclave of the Channel Islands to ask for the hand of his now widow.

The causes of the sudden death are still unknown.


have ruled out a suspicious motive

and third-party involvement, leading to suggestions that he may have taken his own life or suffered a tragic cardiac arrest.

As happens in the United Kingdom in the event of unexpected deaths, a forensic legal investigation will try to

clarify the circumstances of the fatal death of the son-in-law

of the Prince and Princess of Kent.