Vasily Nebenzia accuses the United States and its Western allies of allowing Israel to use food as a tool of war (European)

The UN Security Council witnessed a debate between the Russian delegate, Vasily Nebenzia, and his American counterpart, Robert Wood, during a session yesterday, Tuesday, to discuss food insecurity in the Gaza Strip, which was held under the title “Protecting Civilians in Armed Conflicts.”

In his speech, the Russian delegate accused the United States and its Western allies of allowing Israel to use food as a tool of war, considering that the draft resolution presented by the United States does not call for a ceasefire, “but rather gives authority to kill.”

In turn, the American delegate said that Russia is not a country that contributes to solving humanitarian crises, but rather it is a country that “causes them to occur,” adding that looking at Ukraine is enough to confirm this and that Russia, which violates the United Nations Charter, has no right to criticize another country.

Robert Wood continued, "I listened to Russia's concerns about damage to civilian infrastructure, but I did not take them seriously."

As a result, Nebenzia called on Wood to feel ashamed for comparing Ukraine to Gaza.

He said, “As a country that bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, causing severe damage to them, you cannot give us a lesson in this regard.” The Russian delegate asked his American counterpart to “see his country’s mistakes first before talking about Russia’s mistakes.”

In response, Wood noted that he did not compare Ukraine and Gaza, but rather drew attention to Russia's practices.

Addressing Nebenzia, he said: Do you claim that you are not bombing Ukraine?

For his part, Nebenzia said, "Russia is only bombing military targets in Ukraine, calling for an end to the debate."

It is noteworthy that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) announced on November 17 that the residents of the northern Gaza Strip are on the brink of famine, and that they have no place to turn to in light of the war that has been going on for months.

Source: Agencies