France: the Senate approves the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution, the Parliament in Congress on Monday

The inclusion of abortion in the French Constitution passed its most delicate stage this Wednesday, February 28 in Parliament with the favorable vote of the Senate, removing the last doubts surrounding the final adoption of this reform.

The Congress will be convened on Monday in Versailles, announced Emmanuel Macron.

The Senate at the time of the vote concerning the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution, Wednesday February 28, 2024. AFP - STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN

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Despite the reluctance of certain senators from the right and the center, the majority in the Upper House of Parliament, the hemicycle declared itself in favor of " 

guaranteed freedom

 " for voluntary termination of pregnancy, without modifying

the text of the government

, despite long semantic debates.

Emmanuel Macron immediately convened the Congress of both chambers of Parliament on Monday March 4, the final step in the parliamentary path to revision, welcoming “ 

a decisive step

 ” after the Senate vote.

The constitutional revision, already adopted almost unanimously by the National Assembly, received the support of 267 votes to 50 at the Luxembourg Palace, after more than three hours of sometimes agitated discussions in this usually very peaceful hemicycle.


The Senate has written a new page in women's rights

 ,” said Justice Minister Éric Dupond-Moretti, who assures that France would be “ 

the first country in the world

 ” to protect abortion in its fundamental text.


It’s a huge feminist victory

 ,” responded environmentalist senator Mélanie Vogel, welcoming “ 

a major step forward

 ” and “ 

a message sent to feminists around the world


Many left-wing senators described in the chamber their “ 


 ” at a “ 


 ” and “ 


 ” moment.


We are writing History

 ,” added the leader of the LFI deputies, Mathilde Panot.

Congress in Versailles

The long road towards constitutionalization, acclaimed by the left, public opinion and associations defending women's rights, will now be able to reach Congress on Monday.

Four days before March 8, International Women's Day, this date will be very symbolic.

A three-fifths majority will be necessary in the prestigious Congress hall of the Château des Yvelines for definitive adoption, but there is no doubt in view of the successive votes of the two assemblies.

The Congress has met twice since Emmanuel Macron came to power: in 2017 and 2018, each time in July.

The President of the Republic had set out the broad outlines of his policy before the national representation.

The last constitutional revision dates back to 2008. Faced with the questioning of the right to abortion in the United States and in certain European countries, the executive had made this reform one of its priorities, resulting in a compromise text despite its lack of majority in both chambers. 

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