Regarding whether to allow the export of defense equipment jointly developed with other countries, such as the next generation of fighter jets, to third countries, both the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito Party have argued that it is necessary to carefully proceed with the discussion in order to deepen public understanding. We decided not to reach a conclusion in February as expected, but to continue discussions in March.

The government has asked the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito Party to discuss defense equipment jointly developed with other countries, as trilateral talks on the next generation of fighter jets, which are being developed with Britain and Italy, are expected to begin in earnest from March onwards. We are requesting a conclusion on whether to allow exports to the three countries by the end of February.

In response to this, the Liberal Democratic Party's Political Affairs Research Chairman Watami and Komeito's Political Affairs Research Chairman Takagi held a second consultation within the Diet on the 28th.

During this meeting, both parties agreed that while there is progress in convergence of opinions between the two parties regarding the significance of joint development and exports, it is necessary to proceed with discussions carefully in order to deepen the understanding of the people.

For this reason, the government has decided not to reach a conclusion in February as requested, and instead confirmed that both parties will continue discussions in March.

After the meeting, Mr. Watami said, ``I think we have come a long way in terms of the necessity of joint development and the basic concept of relocation to third countries. However, we have not reached an agreement and we still have to work on final touches. No,” he said.

Mr. Takagi also stated, ``It is true that the distance between us has narrowed, and I would like to aim for an agreement as soon as possible.For the sake of the people's understanding, I would like Prime Minister Kishida to provide an explanation through the House of Councilors Budget Committee, etc.'' .

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi: ``Be more careful about necessity''

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi said at an afternoon press conference, ``The government has been working to obtain agreement from the ruling parties with the aim of reaching a conclusion by the end of this month, but in light of the points made by the ruling parties during today's talks, we will continue to make decisions that are necessary. I would like to explain things like gender in more detail."

Regarding the next fighter jet being developed with the UK and Italy, he said, ``Starting from March, full-fledged discussions are expected to begin between the developing companies regarding the division of labor. We look forward to working with them and steadily promoting joint development."