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  • Eva Soriano profile: everything about the presenter with the highest salary on RTVE

  • Statements Eva Soriano, the highest paid at RTVE: "I've been hearing things like 'you're a slut' and 'that's what happens to you for sucking cocks' for a week"

As the new Eurovision hit


says ,

Eva Soriano

(33) is "in a good moment."

A few weeks ago,

Special Body

- her radio program - completed

500 episodes,

this February she returned to her show on Movistar + and next April 13 she will present the gala of the seventh edition of the Ibiza Film Festival .

An appointment that makes him

very excited.

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"I've been the undefeated presenter of Ibicine for five years and I'm already settled in the festival. And I'm telling you: if one day

they propose it to someone else,

it's going to bother me. I love Ibiza. I need to go, at least "Once a year,

it's a very cool place

and the area where the festival is held is amazing. They treat me like a queen, what more can I ask for?" she tells LOC.

They told me we have to be brief because their morning schedule is crazy.

What time do you get up? At six!


special bodies

starts at seven.

That's why, during the week, I go to bed at 10, because I need to sleep or I'll get something.

Although it is true that my mental health is doing great... If I can sleep like a baby for seven hours!

Because when I sleep four or five it's like "everything went to hell. I died!" But today you look very alive.

I imagine that the return of 'Showriano' makes her happy!

The reviews have been good.

Some say you are "hypnotic."

Do you agree? Wow.

That is something good?

I mean... A traffic accident can be hypnotic or kebabs.

When I see the kebabs spinning it generates a certain hypnosis in me.

The same thing happens to me with sushi ribbons.

Look, you can headline "Eva Soriano: the tremendous cretin who thinks she's sushi: 'put a little soy on me and it'll get better!'" [laughs loudly]. Or "Eva Soriano declares herself a 'slut,'" which is something what he said recently on his show.

What do you think about the controversy over the Eurovision song? It seems to me that words have the value that you want to give them... And I think that women have managed to appropriate this derogatory term.

When you take something that, in the beginning, was to insult or denigrate you, you make it yours and change them.

On the other hand, I think the people who are complaining about this song haven't even heard it.

They comment "he says the word 'bitch', so it doesn't represent me"... And it's like "love, it doesn't represent anything to you. Two days ago, you didn't give a shit about Eurovision". Are you bothered by those people who feel offended? for everything? I don't care about them.

I don't answer people who criticize my work... [Silence] Because I don't think there is a bigger fan than a hater.

Haters love you in some way, because there is no greater feeling of strength than hate.

They hate you unconditionally, structurally they hate you.

I think hating moves flags.

Hating a group, for example, does more than love... And it is very sad.

Hating someone unites you more than loving someone. Regarding this topic, his partner Inés Hernand is receiving a wave of hate, after presenting a special at the Goya, in which she belched and declared herself a fan of Pedro Sánchez.

What do you think? I think we are all hyperpolarized and we do not accept that someone does something outside of what we like.

The network wanted to do something comedic in tone and hired a comedian, knowing that she preached certain ideals.

So, the real responsibility falls on the person who hired them... If you don't want to have a person like that, don't have them.

But it can't be that you hire someone and then walk away.

I would tell you that what happened to Inés is sad.

There is a kind of witch hunt against him, because he is a person who takes an open position, gets wet and exposes his political ideals. Do you think it is right that public figures proclaim their ideals? I think you have to do what you want he wins it.

If you want to position yourself for X movement or ideology you can do it.

It seems that now it is imperative.

There are people who say "ah, this one doesn't say anything", because equidistance is also punished.

But everything is already punished... And we must stop demanding certain things from people!

That's why I'm going to do what I want.

Although, honestly, I think people notice what ideology suits you.